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Hosted by Dialogue on Diversity

Monday, August 31st, 2020
3:00pm - 4:30pm
(a Zoom Webinar)
Ma. Cristina Caballero, Pres./CEO, Dialogue on Diversity
Economic Tides -- A Now and Future Workforce
The Chief Front : Education : Pre-K – 16 and STEM / STEAM
Ethnic and Gender Composition — Parceling out the Hardships  
in Times of Pandemic   An Equitable Bearing of Burdens ?  
Is it Thinkable — Retraining, Occupational Change, Relocation   
Roberta Rincón, Ph.D. Senior Manager of Research,
 Society of Women Engineers   
The Many Meanings and the Tasks of Social Justice
History of the Concept — Duties to Members of our Society
 New Departures in Research, Lightning-Speed Trials,
 Mass Production ? — A Manhattan Project Redux
Joycelyn Tate,  Policy Advisor,  
National Coalition on Black Civic Participation

Tomorrow's Model: Will New Worlds Emerge ?
Creative Destruction — Moving the Foundation
Economics when the Shape of Events,
As Now, is Unprecedented : A World Turned Upside Down
Blueprints for the Ethical Society
 Advent of a New Architecture
Hon. Gregory L. Rohde, e-Copernicus
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Concluding Remarks
Ma. Cristina Caballero, Pres./CEO, Dialogue on Diversity
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