2020 Internet Data Privacy Colloquium
Thursday, February 20 th , 2020
10:00am – 4:30pm
Stewart R. Mott Foundation
122 Maryland Ave., N.E. Washington, D.C.
(reception following conference)
Internet, Privacy, and the Future of Data
Shields of Privacy in an All-Seeing Tech Environmen t
10:00am -- Registration
11:00am  -- Greetings, Welcome   
  • MA. CRISTINA CABALLERO, Pres./CEO, Dialogue on Diversity, Convenor
  • JACKIE REYES YANES, Director, Mayor’s Office on Latino Affairs
  • FRANKLIN GARCIA, U.S. Representative (Shadow) District of Colombia
  • KIMBERLY A. BASSETT, Secretary of State, District of Columbia – invited
  • FRANK TORRES, Senior Counsel, Director, Consumer Affairs, Microsoft
11:30am -- Overview: What is Privacy ? -- The Elemental Need, Internet
  • REP. TONY CÁRDENAS,  U.S. House of Representatives

Images closer to you than you yourself
  • SALLY GREENBERG. President/CEO, National Consumers League
  • LIDIA SOTO-HARMON,  Girl Scout Council of the Nation's Capital 
12:30pm -- Midday Session: Surveillance & Privacy    
  • ROBERT RABEN,  Key Speaker, The Raben Group             

The evolving internet — from national security to private correspondence to an all-embracing commerce  
1:00pm -- LUNCH
  • LEN KENNEDY, Scholar in Residence, EPIC 

Competition in the Arena of the Bigs, The Fragile Flower of Net Neutrality  
  • MARCELA URRUTIA ZAMORA  Vice President for Federal Government Affairs
           [INVITED] , Verizon Communications
2:30pm -- Peals of Social Justice
The gates flung not quite open, migrants, the underserved, the digital and other gaps, Minors separated from families
  • NICOL TURNER-LEE,  Brookings Institution
  • MANA AZARMI, Center for Democracy and Technology    
3:00pm -- The Inquisitive State -- an all-seeing eye ? 
Masters of surveillance: From the World's alphabet soup agencies, to the sheriff, to the assistant principal -- schools
  • ANISHA REDDY,  Future of Privacy Forum

Omniscience of the social media -- Discovery of all secrets (rumors) and knowing so much that ain't so 
  • JOYCELYN TATE , Black Women’s Roundtable

Anatomy of a free press
  • CARMEN SCURATO,  Senior Policy Counsel,  FREE PRESS  
3:30pm -- Medical Records -- Consent -- Rationing of access -- Should patients edit their own records ?
  • ADRIAN GROPPER, M.D. , Patient Privacy Rights      
3:45pm -- Age of Discovery: New technologies stake their claims -- IoT and AI -- New Theaters in the Privacy Wars 
  • JEREMY GREENBERG, Future of Privacy Forum

Sensors and the wrap-around electronic universe
  • BRENDA LEONG, Future of Privacy Forum
4:30pm -- Adjournment 
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