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the Coesfeld Instrumented Chip & Cut Analyser

406 words | 2 minute read

When there is rolling or sliding contact of a rubber surface over a second hard surface of sufficient roughness, localized cutting and damage of the rubber surface sometimes becomes a problem. It occurs in off-road tires operating on stony surfaces, for example, and it can severely limit the useful life of a tire. In order to study this “cutting and chipping” failure... READ MORE

Video of Instrumented Cut and Chip Analyser by Coesfeld

2023 - a Year of Magnitude and Direction

1,163 words | 5 minute read

2023 marked year 15 for Endurica. If I had to pick one word to describe the past year, that word would be “vector”. Because magnitude and direction. 😊

We updated our core value statement this year. The first one I ever wrote as part of Endurica’s original business plan listed 3 values: technical leadership, customer focus, and trustworthiness. Those values served us well for many years and in many ways shaped who we have become. But it was important this year to take stock again. We’ve grown 8-fold since ... READ MORE

Agenda Announced

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Delivering Durability Across the Supply Chain is the theme for Endurica’s first ever Community Conference being held at the Hancock Hotel in Findlay, Ohio. Engage at a high level on how durability is evaluated and assured by OEMs, rubber part manufacturers and raw materials suppliers in each of their domains and across the entire supply chain.

April 8, 2024 – Day One Highlights

Breaking New Ground: Delivering Elastomer Durability for Heavy Equipment

CNH Industrial

Characterizing Tensile Strength Distribution to Evaluate Filler Dispersion Effects and Reliability of Rubber

Birla Carbon

Eclipse Viewing / Learning Stations / Refreshments / Networking / Dinner

NOTE: Endurica is presenting this conference at NO CHARGE to attendees!

April 9, 2024 – Day Two Highlights

Rate Loss in Suspension Bushings

Rassini Bypasa

Delivering Durability Across the Supply Chain - Panel Discussion with panelists from:

General Motors


BASF Corp.

Bridgestone Americas


Optimal Design of a Support Ring Type Run-Flat Tire System for High Fatigue Life in Zero Pressure Driving Conditions

CenTiRe, Virginia Tech

View our complete agenda by clicking here including contributions from Axel Products, BASF Corp., Birla Carbon, Bridgestone, CNH Industrial, Coesfeld, General Motors, Rassini Bypasa, Simulia/Dassault Systemes, Stellantis, Tenneco, Wolf Star Technologies, Endurica and more.

Join us to learn what's next in the rubber industry, network with other Endurica users, see the newest instrument in action, and have a great view of a total solar eclipse!

Visit our Conference Webpage

Register now for our third installation in this popular series on the differences between rubber and metal fatigue engineering. To view the first webinar on Mean Strain Effects click here; to see the second webinar in the series on Linear Superposition click here.

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Endurica Fatigue Ninja introducing Characterizing Elastomer Fatigue Behavior for Analysis and Engineering workshop

Special In-Person Training at Axel Products - an addition to our Eclipse with Endurica Community Conference so you can be in the lab where the testing takes place!

April 10-12, 2024 - click here for details.

Live, online workshop teaching you how to run Endurica's software. May 21-24, 2024

Endurica announces our 2024 Conference and Event Schedule

19-21 March - Tire Tech Expo - Hanover, Germany

8-9 April - Eclipse with Endurica Community Conference - Findlay, Ohio, USA 

16-18 April - SAE World Congress Event - Detroit, Michigan, USA

30-April - 2 May - ACS Rubber Division Spring Technical Meeting - Columbus, Ohio, USA

1-2 May - SIMULIA Americas Users Conference - Novi, Michigan, USA

14-16 May - ITEC (International Tire Exhibition & Conference) 2024 - Akron, Ohio, USA

19-21 June - Fatigue 2024 - Cambridge, United Kingdom

24-25 June - EuroCentral Simulia Regional User Meeting - Bamberg, Germany

26-28 June - ECCMR 2024 - Istanbul ,Turkey

1-4 July - DKT 2024 - Nuremberg, Germany

9-12 September - IEC(International Elastomers Conference) 2024 - Pittsburgh

10-12 September - Tire Society - Akron, Ohio

9-11 October - IRC (International Rubber Conference) 2024 - Istanbul, Turkey

5-7 December - RubberCon 2024 - Kochi, India

To meet with our professionals at one of these events and/or at your firm located nearby, please email Endurica's Vice President, Tom Ebbott, Ph.D. at [email protected]

Rubber Necking - a special addition of things that make us look twice!

Rubbernecking is an interesting thing that makes us look twice -- this issue we check out rubber that stops cracks in their tracks

Highly entangled polymers resist cracks from cyclical stress 10 times better than before.


...the stiffer rubber becomes, the more likely it is to crack under stress, which is a tough problem for researchers; the point at which cracks begin to propagate under repeated stress, known as the fatigue threshold, has stayed the same for decades.


But now a team of researchers have created a new type of rubber with a fatigue threshold 10 times higher than before, by entangling polymers in the rubber’s structure... Check it out

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