March 27, 2020
Wells Fargo Newsletter Addresses RON and Recorder Office Closures

Wells Fargo, a leading financial services company, has asked us to share its most recent newsletter with our agents. This newsletter focuses on COVID-19 and the various procedures that Wells Fargo has implemented.

The newsletter addresses the closures of many recording offices, and sets forth Wells Fargo’s requirements regarding gap coverage. Wells Fargo also advises that at this time it cannot accept remote online notarizations of its closing documents. The lender notes that it is working on expanding options to reduce or remove the need for in-person contact at closings.

The newsletter also reminds those who are working remotely and using an email address that has not been registered with Wells Fargo should promptly change their registration information with Wells Fargo so that the delivery of loan documents is not impeded.

Click here to read Wells Fargo’s newsletter.

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