March 30, 2020
A Reminder That CATIC Has the Most Extensive Back Title for Properties in Connecticut…

With many town halls closed or operating at a diminished capacity, the availability of back title from CATIC’s extensive online title library can mean the difference between having the process stall or having what you need to successfully complete a client’s transaction.

You can access CATIC’s back title in a variety of ways:

  • Pull your own back policies

CATIC Agents can view our back-title policies, including property descriptions, from 2008 and forward. (If the back policy pre-dates 2008, you will be able to see just the Schedule A for that policy. Contact CATIC for the full back title.) CATIC authorizes its agents to use these policies as a Limited Search Authorization (LSA) without the need to order an LSA. Simply log into , and click on Agent Home, Quick Links, Search for Back Title. The CATIC Back Title/Back Policy Search menu will display. Choose State, City/Town and select the information that you have for either Street, Condo, or Subdivision. Enter the Street #, Street Name, and click Search.
The policy results will appear. Click on the policy number to view the policy. If you prefer to order the back title, click on Order.
And since this extensive information is available online , you have convenient remote access to all of the title policies in the title library at a time when there might be no physical access to a municipality’s official title records.

  • Order back title online:

Log into , Agent Resources, Order Back Title. Fill out the request and CATIC will send you the most recent back policy.

  • Call CATIC:

We are happy to take your back policy requests over the phone! Call us at (800) 842-2216.

Your access to the most extensive library of back titles for Connecticut properties is not the only advantage that you have as a CATIC agent. The support that CATIC provides also includes the knowledge and expertise of our Title Services Advisors. For example, although there might not be back title for a specific property that a client is buying, a Title Services Advisor may be able to find back title for other lots in the subdivision that include common easements or restrictions. If your property is a Common Interest Community, please feel free to place these orders with CATIC directly so that you will receive the most updated Schedule B Continuation Sheet. 

In addition, the support we offer includes the knowledge and expertise of our Underwriters. For example, in a particular transaction the library might contain back title for a subject property extending to June of 2010, but there is still a need to find more recent title information in order to complete the search. Our Underwriters are always available to answer questions and assist with a creative solution.

Please contact or a CATIC Underwriter if you need help. We are here and happy to assist you with all of your transactions.
CATIC is open for business and ready to help.
Please let us know how we can assist you.

Please continue to check out our dedicated webpage for COVID-19 information and guidance, on a regular basis. We will be updating the material as we learn of new developments.