Agent Alert
March 16, 2020
CATIC Title remains dedicated to the real estate professional: its agents, attorneys and RE brokers. We are open for business and ready to help with any matters that may arise.  Should there be any questions or concerns involving the impact of county closures, delays in searches, board dates or recordings or any other underwriting issue, please e-mail us at for an immediate response.

CATIC Title will remain vigilant and shall be providing additional alerts and guidance as the impact of the coronavirus becomes better understood.  We know that the 21 NJ County Clerk/Registrar Offices are being impacted by the evolving COVID-19 outbreak as a result of measures being implemented to address the risk of exposure. We have heard that some counties have temporarily closed their buildings.  The NJ Court System has already published a Notice addressing modified state court operating procedures.   Should there be any specific instructions or guidelines issued by the County Clerks’ Offices, we will provide updates as needed.

In the interim, it is anticipated that there may be a significant delay in the recording of documents and the certification of county board dates. In order to address this delay and the possibility of other searches being unavailable or delayed, all New Jersey CATIC Agents are directed to include the following exception in all commitments to insure until further notice:

Due to the impact of the protective health measures presently being taken, county and other searches may be delayed resulting in county board dates not being advanced and some searches may be temporarily unavailable. CATIC Title reserves the right to add additional exceptions and/or requirements upon a review of any such searches or documents upon same becoming available.

Agents should continue to e-Record Notices of Settlement and closing documents in due course. Those without electronic recording capabilities having closing documents from last week should forward those documents to the county recording office via overnight carrier. Agents are reminded that since the New Jersey Recording Act does not permit Remote Online Notarization, any documents to be recorded must be executed and acknowledged in accordance with existing law.

Be well and stay safe.