May 27, 2020
Check with l enders and clients regarding acceptable deed and mortgage execution requirements,
including requirements for witnesses.

CATIC has previously advised agents to check with lenders and clients prior to utilizing the temporary procedures authorized by Executive Order 7Q. This Alert is a reminder to make sure that utilizing any of the temporary authorizations under that Order, whether that means the remote notarization process or the suspension of the witness requirement s , will be acceptable to the lender and all other parties involved in the transaction.

CATIC has received reports that some lenders, notwithstanding the temporary authorization in Executive Order 7Q, are requiring that the mortgage, deed or other documents for recording be executed and acknowledged in accordance with the Connecticut General Statutes; that is, that the documents must be signed by the grantor/borrower, with the signing witnessed by two witnesses and with the signer acknowledging, before a notary public or commissioner of the superior court who is physically present in the same location, that the grantor/borrower executed the document as his or her free act and deed.

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