June 11, 2020
Chief Administrative Judge
Stays Foreclosures and Evictions

James W. Abrams, the Chief Administrative Judge – Civil Division, has issued three orders concerning court operations. One order concerns foreclosure sales that were scheduled prior to August 22, 2020. Those sales are cancelled in order to prevent a potential gathering of individuals at the auction site. Judgment is opened in these matters solely for the purpose of setting a new sale date of August 22, 2020. See the order for further details concerning these proceedings.

The second order concerns judgments of strict foreclosure with law days prior to August 4, 2020. Those judgments are opened by the court for the sole purpose of extending the law day in those matters to August 4, 2020 for the owner of the equity of redemption, and thereafter for the subsequent encumbrancers. The plaintiff is directed to file a notice of the new law day in the court file.

The third order provides an immediate stay of the service of all issued executions on evictions and ejectments through August 1, 2020.

Underwriting Guidance Regarding Strict Foreclosures: When checking a foreclosure file, determine whether the running of the law days pursuant to the judgment has been affected by a subsequent order reopening the judgment and extending the law day to some later date, which later date has not yet passed or will not pass by the time the proposed closing is scheduled to take place. In the absence of a subsequent court order vacating the reopening of the judgment and the extension of the law day, CATIC requires that the extended law day expire without redemption before insuring a conveyance from the foreclosing party.

If you have any questions regarding these orders, please contact a CATIC Underwriting Counsel.

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