April 10, 2020
Executive Order Extends Protection to Tenants (CT)

Governor Lamont has issued Executive Order 7X, which includes protections given to residential tenants during the COVID-19 health crisis. The Order provides that landlords may not issue notices to quit or initiate eviction proceedings before July 1, 2020, except in cases of serious nuisance, such as a tenant who has caused physical harm to another tenant or to the landlord. The typical nine-day grace period for the payment of rent is extended; for rent due in April, there shall be an automatic 60-day grace period. For rent due in May, there shall be a 60-day grace period, so long as the tenant advises the landlord that the tenant has faced financial hardship, such as the loss of a job. The Order also provides that funds held as a security deposit shall be applied toward rent, so long as the tenant gives written notice to the landlord that the tenant has suffered significant financial harm due to the COVID-19 situation. Further detail is set forth in the Order.

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