April 27, 2020
Fund Transfer Scams Continue Even During COVID-19: Stop, Look Up & Confirm!
Unfortunately, even during these trying times in a pandemic, criminals do not stop their criminal tactics. They continue to take advantage of us.

As you know and are all too familiar with, criminals are posing as participants in real estate transactions, transmitting instructions directing the recipients to send funds right into the hands of the criminals. We had two firms contact us in the past couple of weeks who have been affected in some way, one with a criminal posing as a participant in a transaction and trying to scam the firm, and one where the firm’s identity was used to try to dupe clients. It happens more often than we might think. CATIC ® and CATICPro, Inc. have been regularly alerting you about these types of activities. We frequently hear from CATIC agents regarding these types of frauds and the variety of ways the criminals are taking advantage of all of us, and, unfortunately, these scams are continuing.

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