March 22, 2020
Lamont Executive Order Number 7I
Eases Procedural and Statutory Requirements

Governor Ned Lamont issued an additional Executive Order on March 21, suspending a number of procedural requirements and time limitations that are set out in various statutes and regulations. Of particular interest are provisions contained in section 19, at d. and f. These provisions concern notices that must be filed in the office of any municipal clerk, and notices that must be sent by mail by a municipality, agency, or applicant to any other person, agency, municipal clerk, utility company, or water company regarding the filing or pendency of any petition, application, or other proposal.

In each of these instances, the Executive Order provides that the filing of the notice and the mailing of any such notice may be accomplished through the use of electronic means. Any notice filed with the municipal clerk shall remain visible on the municipality’s website until the completion of the action or proceeding; any notice of decision shall be visible on the website until the time for any appeal has passed.

The Executive Order became effective immediately and will remain in effect for the duration of the declared state of emergency, barring any modification or extension by the Governor.

The press release issued by the Governor contains a thorough summary of all of the Executive Order’s provisions. In the press release the Governor acknowledges the assistance of the Connecticut Bar Association and its members who are involved in land use matters, the Connecticut Conference of Municipalities, the Council of Small Towns, and the many attorneys and local officials who compiled the municipal procedural relief provisions contained in the Executive Order. 

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