March 20, 2020
In an agent alert that we sent out to our Massachusetts agents on March 19, we reviewed the smoke detector inspection requirements imposed under Chapter 148, section 26F, and the issues that our agents may encounter in complying with these requirements, given the COVID-19 situation.

We have just learned that the Governor of Massachusetts has signed an Executive Order providing for the deferral of these inspections. The Order went into effect immediately and will remain in place until the declared state of emergency is lifted.

The Order provides that the buyer must agree in writing to be responsible for equipping the property with approved smoke and carbon monoxide alarms. Once the state of emergency has been lifted, the required inspections must take place within 90 days.

Click here to read the Governor’s Executive Order.
Please continue to check out our dedicated webpage for COVID-19 information and guidance, on a regular basis. We will be updating the material as we learn of new developments.