August 12, 2021
NH Legislation Authorizes Remote Online Notarizations

On August 10, 2021, Governor Sununu signed SB134 into law, which authorizes remote online notarization (RON) in New Hampshire, effective February 6, 2022. The notarization process authorized under SB134 operates similarly to the remote notarization process put in place during the pandemic under Emergency Order #11. However, unlike the Emergency Order, SB134 allows parties to execute an electronic document through a RON platform, eliminating the need for the signer to send original, wet-signed documents to the notary for execution.

Similar to the Emergency Order, a notary conducting a RON must be physically located in New Hampshire and is required to properly identify the signer, which can be accomplished through a RON platform. Prior to conducting a RON, a notary must first notify the NH Secretary of State and indicate the technology the notary will use to conduct such notarizations. The Secretary of State may promulgate additional rules and regulations to provide further guidance about RON, and CATIC will provide updates to this law as they become available.

For more information about digital closings, including detailed guidance on how to conduct a RON under NH SB134, please visit CATIC’s Digital Closing website and refer to CATIC’s Remote Closing – State Requirements Guide. Should you have any questions about this new law, please contact Judith Braun, CATIC’s VP NE New England Regional Manager.
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