July 9, 2020
  Governor Rescinds Temporary Order
Deferring Smoke and CO Inspections
Effective July 10, 2020, Governor Baker has rescinded the Order Permitting the Temporary Conditional Deferral of Certain Inspections of Residential Real Estate (the “Order”).
The rescission does not invalidate any deferral that was agreed to pursuant to the Order during the period in which the Order was in effect. Accordingly, for any transactions for which the purchase and sale agreement has been signed prior to July 10, 2020 or the closing has already occurred, the buyer has ninety (90) days from the closing to obtain the inspection from the local fire department.
For those transactions for which the purchase and sale agreement is not executed prior to July 10, 2020, the seller would need to obtain the smoke and CO certificate prior to the closing in the ordinary course.
For a full copy of the Rescinding Order, click here .
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