A  Publication of Pathway to Living
 July 2018

ArtPath Sparks Creativity 

Age Well regularly hosts art classes with the latest ArtPath project featuring free-style painted trees decorated with folksy buttons. Residents' levels of experience differ widely, but all share a common passion and appreciation for art as well as an innate desire to create. 

"ArtPath provides an easy-going, inclusive environment where residents feel safe and inspired to express themselves artistically without fear of judgment or failure," says Carrie, Age Well's Community Life Coordinator. 

Hello To  Locally Grown  Goodness
Pathway Culinarians are serving up heaping helpings of fresh, in season, locally grown food. What's even more exciting is that residents have a hand (literally!) in picking the fruits and vegetables that show up on their plates. 

Many are rolling up their sleeves to harvest food from local farms as well as from their community's very own Victory Gardens. 


Life Enrichment Aides (also known as LEAs or CNAs) are like superheroes to Pathway community residents. They touch residents' lives daily in many ways - from providing personalized wellness care to helping them look their best to answering calls and needs promptly with an "I can do"
attitude and smile.   

Much-deserved root beer float break for LEAs!   

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