Easter Greetings

Saint Paul Bridge Fund for Families
Dr. Ferdinandt and parent Mr. Jason Adkins were quoted often in the Catholic Spirit regarding the Bridge Fund for residents of St. Paul. View full article here.

$1,000/Family Available to St. Paul Residents (if you qualify): On April 1, the City of St. Paul passed a $3.3 Million Bridge Fund for residents of St. Paul who have had a significant change in income due to COVID-19. If your family qualifies, please make sure that you fill out the form now. The main qualifier is that the family’s gross household income needs to be “at or below 40% of area median income” prior to a recent change in employment. In brief, eligible families need to fulfill all the following criteria:
  1. Renter/Homeowner in St. Paul city limits
  2. At least one minor child present in home
  3. Gross household income at or below 40% of median income for their Minneapolis/St. Paul area prior to change in employment
  4. Experienced a significant loss of income due to COVID-19 
See further details and apply here .  If you are eligible, please take advantage of this one-time opportunity for additional funding from St. Paul.   Application deadline is April 19th.
Creative Crosses
In honor of Christ's Resurrection this Easter week, we invite all PK-12 student to show us your artistic side and submit a photo of your creative cross! Tag, message or email Mr. Joseph Olson by Friday at 8am. Favorites will be posted on our Facebook page on Friday.
All-School Mass
Join us each Wednesday morning at 8:45 AM for a virtual All-School Mass. Mass is livestreamed on facebook or the parish website .
Lower School
Daily Morning Message
Each morning during distance learning, Mr. Adkins is offering a daily morning message, consisting of prayer and pledge - just like at school! In addition, he’ll offer some other special anecdotes such as the Virtue of the Week, birthdays, Virtue Shout-Outs, and a daily drawing. These videos are located on the Lower School’s distance learning homepage but will be occasionally posted on Saint Agnes social media.
Share your Easter Photos
Happy Easter! Aggie families, we’re inviting you to share Easter family photos – for example: decorating eggs, with Easter baskets, virtually “attending” Mass, family photos, eating an Easter feast! We’ll compile those Aggie Easter photos and share them with you all. Please send your pictures to: info@saintagnesschool.org
Help Requested – Virtual “Social” Gatherings
PK-6 parents have expressed that their children would really love to see their classmates - even if in a virtual platform such as Zoom. Mr. Adkins is requesting that any parents who are interested in helping facilitate these social gatherings, to please email him. Ideally, we’d like the help of at least 2-3 different parents for each grade-level.  Contact Mr. Adkins if you’re interested in helping out.
Upper School
2020-21 Junior High Course Requests
Parents/guardians of students entering grades 7 and 8 for next school year should have received an email today via Permission Click regarding elective course requests for their students. Please complete the course request form via Permission Click by Friday, April 24. Contact Mr. Karl Hendrickson , Assistant Headmaster, with any questions.
ACT Testing - June 13
Saint Agnes School will be serving as a Testing Center for the June 13 administration of the ACT. Students who were originally scheduled to test at Saint Agnes in April should be able to re-register and select Saint Agnes for their testing site in June. Registration takes place through the ACT’s website .
2020-21 Tuition Contracts
Tuition contracts for the next academic year are in the process of being sent out. If your family’s job/financial situation has changed, please know that we are a community, and that we want to work with your family to make sure that you can return to Saint Agnes School next school year. Please discuss any concerns with Mr. Collett in our Business Office. We will do the best we can to help!
Highlights of the Week
Alleluia, He is Risen!!
12:00pm parking lot Mass on Easter Sunday @ Church of Saint Agnes . #GoAggies
Divine Mercy Passion Play
April 2019: Divine Mercy Passion Play performed by our talented 6th graders accompanied by 1st grade angels in the Helene Houle Auditorium. The 2020 play would have occurred last week with our current students. #PassionOfChrist ✝️ #AggiesPray ❤️
Quick Links & Past News
Distance Learning Survey #1 Results
The first survey was administered on Tuesday, March 31 to offer a quick check-in with families after two days of distance learning. We wanted to turn that information around quickly and make necessary adjustments for families; we published a survey analysis on Friday afternoon with our findings. You can review the findings below by downloading the PDF or watching a short video analysis. Documents are also on the Distance Learning Resource webpage.

New Parish Newsletter
The Church of Saint Agnes website includes a link for people who wish to receive updates about the status of our parish . Find updated information on livestreamed daily Masses, confession schedules, Lenten lecture recordings and Fr. Moriarty's new "Saturday Storytime.".
Aggies at Home Newsletter
Upper School students, stay connected with the Aggies at Home newsletter! Look for new editions every Wednesday in your student email (gr 7-12). Weekly news, challenges, shout outs, crafts ideas and more geared directly to you, our upper school students!
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