Agile Portfolio Management:
Essential and Advanced Roadmapping
I'm going to kick off this newsletter series on portfolio management by talking first about roadmapping.

Surprised? A lot of portfolio managers think the key to portfolio management is lining up a bunch of projects and then selecting the best of the bunch.

Our experience is that starting with a list of project isn't effective: It lacks the foundation of a strategic plan and a means for getting there. That's a roadmap, and, simply put, you can't manage an Agile Portfolio without one!

A roadmap is a perspective on the future that transcends the tactical pressure of the next release or Program Increment while breathing enough detail into your vision to make that vision a reality. A useful roadmap provides the essential glue between vision and execution, guiding and inspiring the team and creating a powerful tool for customer and stakeholder collaboration on how that future unfolds.

Here are three critical resources to help you build high-impact roadmaps.
Essential Roadmapping: Structure

I published the first (and I think only) pattern language for strategic product roadmapping in my book Beyond Software Architecture: Creating and Sustaining Winning Solutions . It has stood the test of time, and thousands of teams around the globe leverage this format.

You can download a free copy of the Pattern Language for Strategic Product Roadmapping here.
Creating an Agile Roadmap

The roadmapping pattern language provides guidance on the structure of a roadmap. To create a roadmap we need to return to the values of the Agile Manifesto and collaborate with our customers and stakeholders.

Jason Tanner from Applied Frameworks, tackled how to create roadmaps with me for a Scrum Alliance Collaboration at Scale webinar on Agile Roadmapping.

Jason has produced hundreds of roadmapping sessions for clients and his insights into roadmapping are invaluable for anyone getting started.
Prune the Product Tree is a powerful framework to help you create high-impact roadmaps with customers and stakeholders.
Advanced Roadmapping

True agility isn't about releasing software frequently - just about any motivated team learn these skills.

True agility includes understanding the nature and structure of your market so well that you can time your release to create maximum value for you and your customers.

I asked Jason Tanner to join me for another Collaboration at Scale webinar on Advanced Roadmapping, where we covered roadmapping in extremely dynamic markets and scenario planning.
Understanding Market Rhythms and Release Value is especially valuable to Portfolio Managers.
This newsletter series is focused on Agile Portfolio Management. Hold me accountable if I miss sending you one of these - and let me know if you want me to add something to the series.

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