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As one of the founders of the whole Business Agility movement back in 2001, it's no surprise that our Agility  Consulting & Training colleague and founder Nick Horney was front and center at the inaugural (2017) Business Agility conference in New York City last week.      

Leadership Agility Fitness™
by Nick Horney, Ph.D., Leadership Agility Practice Leader

Leadership Agility has been the topic of an increasing number of books, articles and presentations. I authored many of these articles and delivered numerous presentations on the topic of Leadership Agility. My most recent keynote was at the recent Business Agility 2017 Conference in New York City. 

Since I began my research and consulting on the topic of Leadership Agility in 2001, I have evolved my thinking to a new way of describing Leadership Agility. Let me use physical fitness to illustrate this new concept of Leadership Agility Fitness™.   Most doctors and fitness experts will agree that peak physical fitness is a combination of at least the five contributors that I have provided in this illustration below.  Muscle building or aerobic exercise alone or even combined will not enable a person to be in peak physical condition.  It requires a combination of at least the five illustrated here to enable you to achieve peak physical fitness.   

By Mike Richardson, Team Agility Practice Leader

Innovation, most would agree, is the secret of sustained success. But maintaining innovation for the long haul is hard. Just look at companies like Blackberry and Sony, who used to be among the most innovative companies on the planet and now aren't.

What caused these companies to fall? Their approach to innovation wasn't agile enough.

GE recognized this when its share price was in the doldrums. Despite a long history as one of the most innovative companies on the planet (making everything from aircraft engines to CAT scanners to washing machines), GE recognized it had to pivot in how it approached innovation, shifting from lean to agile. (More on this topic in "5 reasons why agile is the new lean.") Since changing course, GE's share price has started to bounce back.

To follow GE's lead, start by looking at your share price. If your company is private and doesn't have a publicly listed share price, it's still worth calculating the value equation, NPV: DCF (QQC). Calculate the Net Present Value (NPV) of your share by doing a Discounted Cash-Flow (DCF) analysis and comparing it with your current share price to make a buy, hold or sell recommendation accordingly. Investors are interested in the Quantity, Quality and Cadence (QQC) of your cash flow.

A leading indictor of cash flow is conversation flow. I call it C2C: Conversation-Flow to Cash-Flow . Your cash flow and share price also follow the trajectory of your conversation flow. Indeed, as GE has adopted an agile approach, it has shifted the QQC of its innovation dialogue and changed the trajectory of its conversation flow - and its cash flow and share price have followed. You must do the same.  

By Tom O'Shea, CMC, Organizational Agility Practice Leader

As anyone who knows me even a little will attest, I love my three grandchildren and have been celebrating the arrival of my first granddaughter - Imogen Louise.  Of course, the most beautiful child ever born :-).

Over the past several weeks, I have had occasion to spend extended time with my two young grand boys who LOVE jigsaw puzzles.  When I arrived the other day, my youngest grandson Caeden, said "Grandad - will you help me with this puzzle".  Of course, I said "of course".  So, as I sat down on the floor next to  Caeden and the scattered puzzle pieces, the first thing I said was "Caeden - where is the box with the picture"?  All of the pieces on the floor didn't really mean anything to me until I saw the "picture" of what it was supposed to look like!
Today I was coaching some of the senior leaders from one of my clients and for some reason, this experience made its way into the conversation. It seemed so clear ... we so often don't all "see" the same vision for what all these pieces should come together to create ... and when we don't it is nearly impossible to put the puzzle together.  I know I would have a hard time putting the puzzle together, even with a 3 year old, if I didn't have the right "vision" for what success looked like?  Just imagine how your team must feel with something much more complex and with more moving parts?

Long Live the Organizational Heretic!
By Ben Baran, Ph.D. , Agility Analytics Practice Leader

The pressure to conform is tremendous. It starts before we can walk.  

Be nice. 


See what your brother is doing? He's doing a good job. Be like him.

As Yusuf Islam, better known by his former stage name of Cat Stevens, once sang, "From the moment I could 
talk, I was ordered to listen."

And that's just at home. We then, very quickly, enter the world of organizations, in which the mantra of conformity resounds even louder. As early as preschool, the powers that be tell us:

Stand in line. 

Don't poke your friends. 

Wait your turn. 

This is how we sit, stand, eat, play, learn. 

This is how we get along. This is what's acceptable; this is what's not. 

The message is so pervasive that it's subtle. It's blindly accepted. We're taught how to conform, and we're rewarded for doing so. Deviate from the rules at your own risk.       

Agility Consulting Affiliate Corner:
Welcome John Antony

John Antony
We welcome John Antony to the global team of Agility Consulting Affiliates. John is based in Singapore and has 26 years of consulting experience in a diverse range of industries across Asia Pacific, Europe and Africa. He has been on assignments in South Africa since August 2008. His consulting expertise ranges from Strategy Development & Implementation (BSC), Communications, Change Management, Leadership Development, Training, Coaching, HR Systems Development & Implementation, Operations & Process Improvement, Sales & Marketing, and Service Excellence.

John is the Managing Director (MD) at Antony Consulting (S) Pte Ltd (AC). AC is an Asia Pacific practice-based Management Consultancy with the focus on Change Management. AC delivers tangible results for local and global clients in a long-term partnership approach with practice-based consulting services in the areas of Strategy, Leadership and Human Performance Management.

John shared his reasons for becoming an Agility Consulting Affiliate in a recent interview. 


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