February 20, 2020
Welcome to this weeks installment of our Aging Network 2020 Census Newsletter. In this email, you'll find links to our most recent webinars, tips for your 2020 Census outreach and other information. We are adding to our webpage, so be sure to bookmark: ageoptions.org/gallery/2020Census/

We will be sending emails like this to keep you connected to our outreach efforts. Please use these resources and reach out to us for support.
Upcoming Webinars

February 25th, 2020 1-2pm CST
Why Is the Census Important to Illinois and Your Community

On this week's webinar, Amanda Wojan went over the second part of the Volunteer Census Ambassador (VCA) Program. This program empowers community sites, like congregate meal sites, to tap volunteers to share Census related messages. Some suburban Cook County congregate meal sites are implementing this program, and you can replicate it in your area with meal sites or other community sites.

AgeOptions is asking our home delivered meals programs to focus their outreach on Wednesday, March 25. That week is when most of the community members should have or very soon will receive the invitation to complete online.

Jason Echols went over how community organizations can help people complete the 2020 Census. Community organizations, like you, are trusted voices in your community and are encouraged to help people. Remember that self-reporting is the goal and to let people ask you for the help they need.
Reminders to Stay Protected

In addition to the 2020 Census, the Census Bureau conducts several other surveys. While the 2020 Census counts every household in the U.S., these other surveys, including the American Community Survey (ACS), are sent to a small sample of households. If you are selected for one of these surveys, Census Bureau will always mail you first to explain the survey and what they will do. If the Census Bureau calls or visits you, the employee must tell who they are, and you can call (800)923-8282 to verify their employment. You can verify that you have an actual Census Bureau survey by calling the Bureau or visiting: https://www.census.gov/programs-surveys/surveys-programs.html.
Helpful Tips

In Illinois, you can now text 987-987 to get more information about the 2020 Census.

  • Text "Question" or "Pregunta" to 987-987 to get answers to your questions about the Census.
  • Text "Jobs" or "Empleo" to 987-987 to get support in applying for federal Census positions.
  • Text "Pledge" or "Censo" to 987-987 to commit to completing the Census.

This service is brought to you by the Illinois Department of Human Services (DHS). Visit Census.Illinois.gov for more information.


AgeOptions is maintaining a list of question & answers about the 2020 Census you can view here. We feature select questions here. to see the full list click here , and if you have a question, submit it with this form .

1) What will the Census questionnaire look like?
2) What will the online version of the 2020 Census look like? (Updated 1/29/2020)
3) Why does the 2020 Census ask the questions it asks?