January 30, 2020
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Reaching Non-Engllish/Non-Spanish Speaking Communites; Census Ambassadors at Congragate Meal Sites-Part 1; Community Outreach Toolkit Overview (1/28)

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Upcoming Webinars

February 4 , 2020 1-2pm CST

February 11 , 2020 1-2pm CST

We are planning to host webinars every Tuesday at 1 pm CST, so stay tuned for topics and registration!
Why Is the Census Important to Illinois and Your Community

The Census helps provide a snapshot of the culture and needs of a community. In this week's webinar, we covered information about a specific hard-to-count group, Arab-Americans, and went over the best approach and advice to educate these groups on filling out the 2020 Census to be able to have a better count of this population.

Because the 2020 Census does not have a Middle Eastern or North African (MENA) category in the question about race, Arab-Americans might be counted as "White." Arab American Family Services is encouraging Arab Americans to select "Some Other Race" and write in their family's origin.This is an example of why it is important for people to self-responded to the Census in the manner that best reflects their experience.
In the blog post “2020 Census: Fact v Fiction” the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) blogged about how the 2020 Census process works, what information you will and won’t be asked for, and some red flags that will help you spot and report scams. Read more about what to watch out for HERE
Helpful Tips

In this week's webinar, guest speaker Nareman Taha covered Reaching Non-English/ Non-Spanish Speaking Community. She provided some great tips on reaching out to these groups.
  • Arab American Family Services has "Pledge Cards" available to have as a reminder for community members to fill out the census
  • The Census will be available in English or 12 additional languages online or via phone. They also have language guides for 59 non-English languages and all can be found HERE

Amanda Wojan covered Census Ambassador Volunteer Program for Congregate Meal Sites and gave a lot of helpful tips about the when, where, why and more:
  • Use Volunteer Census Ambassadors to expand upon outreach in your communities to increase awareness of the census, and educate participants at congregate meal sites.

Lucia Shah went through the Census Outreach Toolkit and how it can be a useful in implementing outreach efforts.
  • Use the Community Outreach Toolkit to help make your outreach Actionable, Relevant and Plan the Delivery
  • Utilize the Outreach Form inside the toolkit

AgeOptions is maintaining a list of question & answers about the 2020 Census you can view here. We feature select questions here. to see the full list click here , and if you have a question, submit it with this form .

1) How are residents in long-term care facilities counted in the Census?
  • Long-term care facilities are considered Group Quarters by the Census Bureau for the 2020 Census. This includes skilled nursing facilities, assisted living facilities, supportive living facilities, and any other facility covered by the Illinois Long-Term Care Ombudsman. Group Quarters are counted differently
  • The Census Bureau contacts administrators at facilities in what is called is called Group Quarters Advance Contact you can find more information HERE. Letters were mailed in January and During February Census Bureau employees will call or visit to explain the process.
  • During Advance Contact, the Census Bureau employee presents the administrator with five way their residents can be counted. The administrator chooses the method that best fits for their facility to count people living in the facility on April 1, 2020. Next steps differ for each method.
  • Read more about Group Quarters Enumeration HERE

2) What about residents in independent senior living communities- are they considered Group Quarters?
  • While long-term care facilities fall under Group Quarters Enumeration and will be counted as such, independent senior living communities are not long term care facilities and are not counted as group quarters. Residents of independent living communities will receive and invitation in the mail to complete the Census for everyone living in their household.