March 12 , 2020
Welcome to this week's installment of our Aging Network 2020 Census Newsletter. In this email we will continue to share Census resources, updates and reminders, for our partners to utilize. We continue to add to our webpage, so be sure to bookmark:
New Resources

New Materials from AgeOptions:

For these resources and more, visit our Aging Network 2020 Census Resource webpage:
Upcoming Calls
AgeOptions is hosting an open call for professionals in the Aging Network to call in with questions about the 2020 Census or their outreach efforts.
Conference Call information:
Dates and Time:
  • March 17 and 24 at 1:00pm CT March 31 at 2:00pm CT


This Week       
  • The phone lines are now open
  • March 12 
  • goes live
  • First invitations are mailed out (sample of the letter can be found HERE)

How AgeOptions is embedding the Census in our agency:
  • Part of AgeOptions Email signature
  • Short message on AgeOptions homepage
  • Added to our Information and Assistance (I&A) Script (Access to google doc HERE)

 Mail You Will Receive
  • There are 3 ways to complete the 2020 Census: Online, Phone, or Mail. Beginning in mid-March, the Census Bureau will mail a letter inviting households to complete the 2020 Census online (preview of online portal). That letter also includes a phone number people can call to complete the Census over the phone. If people want to complete the Census via the mail, they must wait for the paper questionnaire to arrive in the mail – it will be mailed by early April. See this handout for more explanation about the schedule for mailings.

How Your Agency Can Help People complete the 2020 Census
  • We covered this in our February 18th webinar that you can view HERE, starting around the 23-minute mark.

You can go to the maps section of for UIC to see how responses are coming in.
  • This was covered in our February 25 webinar. Use these maps to plan your outreach and focus on historically undercounted areas (as the Census Bureau terms them “hard-to-count” areas). (see Maps)