March 26, 2020
Welcome to this week's installment of our Aging Network 2020 Census Newsletter where we to share Census resources, updates and reminders. Be sure to bookmark our resource page:

New Resources

New Materials:

For these resources and more, visit our Aging Network 2020 Census Resource webpage:
Upcoming Calls
AgeOptions is hosting an open call for professionals in the Aging Network to call in with questions about the 2020 Census or their outreach efforts.
Conference Call information:
Dates and Time:
  • March 31 at 2:00pm CT
  • April 7 at 1:00pm CT
  • April 14 at 1:00pm CT
  • April 21 at 1:00pm CT
  • April 28 at 1:00pm CT


The Census Bureau has announced operational delays or extensions due to COVID-19. See the full list HERE.

  • Here are some highlights for us:
  • The time you can reply online, phone or mail (self-response period) is extended to August 14
  • Census Bureau staff will assist people with responding online at community spaces with their Mobile Questionnaire Assistance. This has been delayed to April 13-August 14
  • Census workers knocking on doors for people who have not completed Census on their own (non-response outreach) has been delayed May 28 - August 14
  • Group Quarters Enumeration (including counting people in long-term care facilities) delayed April 16-June 19 and administrators are encouraged to choose a method with less in-person contact
  • Service Based Enumeration (counting people experiencing homelessness) has been delayed to April 29-May 1

  • This weekend is Census Worship Weekend (March 27-29).
  • AgeOptions has a page dedicated to Worship Weekend resources, including toolkits with ready-made bulletin inserts, readings and more: HERE
  • Faith in Public Life hosted a webinar about re-imagining Census Worship Weekend on Wed, March 25 - Click here to view recording
  • Completing the Census is something that can be done while at home during this shelter in place order. Completing online, over the phone or waiting for the paper questionnaire in the mail can all be done without direct in-person contact.
  • Don’t forget that you can text Question to 987-987. Provided by Illinois DHS.

  • Don't forget that you get counted too!
  • Stay Well Everyone!