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Aging doesn't have to mean the end of driving
Getting older does not necessarily mean a person's driving days are over. But it’s important to plan ahead and take steps to ensure the safety of your loved ones on the road. If they are no longer able to drive safely, you can guide them toward transportation options that meet their mobility needs.

The Missouri Coalition for Roadway Safety will run an awareness campaign Dec. 7-11 to remind road users about safely driving at an older age.

If you think you need to have a conversation with an older driver about his or her driving abilities, remember that many older drivers look at driving as a form of independence. Bringing up the subject of their driving abilities can make some drivers defensive. So be prepared with your observations and questions and suggest alternative transportation options if necessary.

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Traveler Information Map
When winter weather hits, Missouri drivers need to know the latest road conditions. That's why MoDOT hosts the Traveler Information Map on our website and as a mobile app. Be prepared for winter weather and download the mobile app on the Apple Store or Google Play.
MoDOT Fast Facts
Did you know this about safety belt use in Missouri?
  • Overall in Missouri - 86.1%
  • National average use rate - 90.7%
  • Commercial motor vehicle - 83%
  • Teens - 74%
This day in transportation history
Dec. 3, 1982 - The Pennybacker Bridge in Austin, Texas made its debut. The through-arch bridge was awarded first place in the Federal Highway Administration’s 1984 Excellence in Highway Design competition. Photo by Wikipedia.
Fatality update
Statewide fatality totals as reported on the Missouri State Highway Patrol website as of Nov. 29, 2020
2020 totals - 894 / 2017 totals - 850
2019 totals - 804 / 2016 totals - 865
2018 totals - 842 / 2015 totals - 799
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