Aging in Place
Aging in Place – The newer term for keeping us old folks in our homes as long as possible.

Eventually, you or a loved one may need to have a home that is more age-friendly, if it’s the home they want to remain in. All Star Home Improvements can come in and give you an assessment of your home and make recommendations on what will need to happen to make it an age-friendly environment.

Steps to take:
-         Floors are a major factor in the aging in place process. The flooring industry has come so far and there are a large number of flooring possibilities that will be no slip, low maintenance. When thinking about floors, also think about keeping the floors the same throughout the whole house. You want to minimize the number of transitions to your rooms as they can become tripping hazards. Many older adults drag their feet a bit and/or don’t lift them as much.
-           Make at least one entry into the home a no-step entry.

-         Consider pocket doors to make mobility between rooms easier.

-         Electric stair lifts – always a great idea! 

-         Elevators for two or more story homes – Believe it or not, elevators actually add value to your home as well as function.

-         Widen doors and hallways.

-         A first-floor bath is a definite must! If you don’t have one, we can find the space to make one.

-         Add more lighting, you may not need it now, but you will.

-         Consider an open concept when remodeling.

-         Get an adjustable bed and a recliner that lifts.

-         Door knobs – Change door knobs to the lever style; they look great and are easier to open.

-         Ramps will become essential if you have stairs to the outside.

-         Add a phone to every room, yes, even the bathroom!

-         Get rid of the traditional tub! A bathroom for aging in place should include the following:

* A walk-in shower with no curb to step over (called zero gravity entrance) eliminates trip hazard and serves as easy access for wheelchairs. 
*     The shower should include grab bars, a shower bench, handheld shower heads.
*      Install toilets that are taller.
*      Another option is also to drop the height of the vanities and keep open space under the vanities for wheel chair access. 
*         Kitchens: Pay attention to the STOVE! The safest cooking environment is an electric cook top with no live flames. Cabinets should be easily accessible. Update with drawers, pullout shelves and easy to grab handles.  
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