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Ideas for Independent Living  


 As you age, it is important that any remodeling you do include the bathroom.  It is a fact of life that the older you get more accidents occur in the bathroom than in any other place in the home. By planning your bathrooms properly you can reduce the chance of slips or falls and create an area that is easy to use for people of all abilities.


The thoughtful design of the  bathroom pictured above showcases traditional beauty while integrating features that ensure ease of use and mobility. Beyond the detailed wainscoting and soft, neutral color palette, this bathroom offers a number of design elements that increase accessibility and comfort.

  • Color contrast between the floor and walls and fixtures helps with depth perception
  • Slightly rounded counter top eliminates sharp edges
  • Honed stone floors offer a more secure footing than polished stone or tile
  • Simple wooden reinforcement behind the walls allows grab bars to be anchored securely
  • Low-threshold bath eases entry and exit
  • Five-foot radius between lavatory, toilet and bath is large enough for wheelchair access
  • Task lighting on either side of the mirror helps with visibility as well as lighting within the shower


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