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February 26, 2018
Inside Indiana Business: ACI President says It's Time to Bring NAFTA Into The 21st Century
ACI President Amy Cornell recently penned an op-ed encouraging the modernization of NAFTA. The op-ed says that a 21 st Century version of NAFTA must "focus on ensuring fair and balanced trade in today's economy."

Read the full op-ed here.
Early Forecast: USDA Agency Projects 2018 Income, Expenses
A preliminary forecast by the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Economic Research Service projects a slight decline in farm sector income this year.   Read more.
News from the Statehouse
With less than 3 weeks left in this year's legislative session the General Assembly is working quickly to get bills onto the floor of each chamber. The committee report deadlines are February 27 in the House and March 1 in the Senate, so bills have to be heard next week to have a chance of surviving. Several bills have passed both chambers and already are headed to Governor Holcomb's desk, the most anticipated of which is Sunday alcohol sales.  Many insiders believe the bill will be signed soon, and that the first official Sunday sales will begin on Sunday, March 4. The pace of this session is picking up as we begin our prep for final floor action and the wild ride of conference committees.  Rumors are circulating that session may Sine Die earlier than the March 14 deadline, putting even more pressure on lobbyists and legislators to get their key bills in final form.
You can find your bill tracking report here and the actual language of the bill here. A more in depth policy report regarding state and federal news can be found by clicking HERE for the ACI Policy Newsletter which includes more details and recent developments on bills ACI is tracking.
Please contact Mark Shublak or Lesa Dietrick if you have any questions.
Agriculture Co-op Tax Reduction
Source: Politico Pro
A group of 87 House Republicans called on congressional leadership today to expedite a fix to a provision of the GOP tax overhaul that gives farmers huge incentives to sell their products to agricultural co-ops over other businesses. The   letter, delivered to Speaker   Paul Ryan  and Senate Majority Leader   Mitch McConnell, said Congress should "retroactively restore the competitive marketplace for agricultural producers and replicate the tax benefits accorded to co-ops and their farmer-patrons under Section 199 prior to the enactment of Section 199A."  

Note: All 7 of Indiana's Republican Representatives signed onto the letter. The full story can be found in this week's policy report.
White House Releases Infrastructure Plan Details
Source: The Fertilizer Institute
Last week, the White House released details on the President's infrastructure plan. The plan provides $200 billion in federal funding which seeks to leverage over $1 trillion in non-federal infrastructure spending. Overall, the goal is the create $1.5 trillion in infrastructure spending (over ten years). Beyond spending, the plan seeks to streamline permitting of infrastructure projects. The President recently said in his State of the Union address to Congress that he would like to see project approvals take no more than two years.
Note: The full story along with documents and factsheets regarding the plan can be found in this week's policy report.
Weekly Washington Report - 2-26-18
(by Steve Kopperud)
Click  HERE  to access the full Washington Report featuring these important stories:
  • Grassley Says He Thinks Groups have Sec. 199A Fix, NCFC Says Not Yet
  • Trump Sets Second White House RFS/RIN Meeting Next Week after Cruz Philly Refinery Rally
  • Goodlatte Modifies Immigration Guestworker Bill to Make Ag Happier; Some Groups Are, Some Aren't
  • EPA Items
    • Bill on Neonicotinoid Insecticides Introduced
    • Comments on Water Pollution Action Requested
    • Ag Group Action in California on Glyphosate Heard
    • Monsanto Loses on Arkansas Dicambra Action
    • Mayors Call on Pruitt to Move Clean Power Plan Forward
  • Trade Notes
    • Election Year NAFTA Popularity Noted
    • Senators Want to Revisit TPP; USDA Says Japan Deal Coming
    • Final Biodiesel Antidumping Duty Set on Argentine, Indonesian Product
    • Lower Corn, Soybean Production Expected; Ethanol Corn Use to Hit Record
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