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April 3, 2017

On Thursday, March 30, ACI's Board of Directors and President Amy Cornell hosted the membership for our Annual Business Meeting and dinner.  The evening began with an exhilarating motivational presentation from executive coach C. J. McClanahan.  C. J.'s thought-provoking presentation and overall message was just the boost everyone needed as we gear up for a busy spring and challenging 2017.  The annual business meeting commenced with heartfelt appreciation to 2016 Chairs Sal Sama, Winfield Solutions and Alan Lowe, Lowe's Pellets & Grain.  Their leadership and steady hand through our recent transition was invaluable.  We further welcomed new Board members Drew Garretson-Winfield/Land O'Lakes;  George Greenwood-ADM Grain; and Justin Daugherty-GROWMARK.  Current Board members Mike Schweickert-JP Morgan; Alan Lowe-Lowe's Pellets & Grain; and Marv Ulmet-Groundwork Bio-Ag were unanimously approved for a second term.  Amy Cornell also extended special thanks to our retiring Board members Ryan Smith, CIE and Joe Farmer, The Andersons.  Dr. Ken Foster, our Ex-Officio Board member is also retiring from his duties on the Board.  All three of these gentlemen will be sorely missed although we know they will continue to be engaged in our membership. Thanks to all those who attended!
Outgoing ACI IPFACA Chair, Sal Sama receives plaque from ACI President Amy Cornell
Outgoing IGFA Chair, Alan Lowe, congratulated for a job well done by ACI President Amy Cornell
2017 ACI/IGFA Chair, Dave Reichhart, AgPlus
Mark Shublak, Ice Miller, gave a Policy update focusing on 2017 Indiana General Assembly.

Update from the Indiana General Assembly
The majority of the committees are finished for the year as we move into the final three weeks of the General Assembly. Next week will consist of long floor sessions as legislators seek final passage of their bills before conference committees begin.
On Monday, the Senate held a third reading vote for House Bill 1237 - Grain Buyers and Warehouse Licensing. As the bill's sponsor, Senator Leising presented the bill. The bill passed by a vote of 49-0. The ACI lobby team has worked for several months to mitigate the possible harm of the introduced bill, and we believe that the current bill reflects the best possible legislative solution for our members.
Senate Bill 515 is important to ACI members due to its provisions governing sales tax exemptions on agricultural equipment. ACI has actively participated in the drafting of SB 515 to ensure that the most expansive exemption was enacted. The bill passed on third reading by a vote of 93-1, and will be returned to the Senate for further action.  ACI encourages our members to consult with their tax advisors on these changes. 

Click HERE to read the full policy report and the following bills you should know about:
  • Senate Bill 90 - Doing Business or Marketing as a Cooperative
  • HB 1234- Storage of Agricultural Ammonia
  • HB 1235- Regulation of Processed Manure Based Fertilizer
  • SB 421- Above Ground Storage TanksHB 1018-Vehicle Operation
  • HB 1447- Transportation of Agricultural Commodities
To review all bills ACI is tracking, click HERE.

ACI Member Dupont Pioneer Provides Access to Proprietary Phenotyping Technology
Purdue Dean of Agriculture, Jay Ackridge, announced Thursday that DuPont will be joining the school as a collaborator in the Plant Sciences Program.  " This investment will dramatically enhance our capabilities to improve plants and build on the momentum of the  Purdue Moves   investment in Plant Sciences".  For information on the specifics of the study click HERE.
Weekly Washington Report - 4-3-17
(by Steve Kopperud)
Click HERE to access the full Washington Report featuring these important stories:
  • Perdue Gets Committee Approval, Gillibrand Won't Support, Floor Vote Remains Elusive 
  • Senate HELP Panel Narrowly Approves Acosta Nomination for Labor Secretary 
  • House Ag Subcommittee Talks ARC, PLC 
  • Trump Orders End to Obama "Clean Power Plan, " Climate Change Actions 
  • EPA Items 
  • Science Underlying EPA Decisions Needs Public Disclosure: House
  • EPA Rejects Enviro Petition on Chlorpyrifos Dangers; Lawsuit Likely
  • CAFO FOIA Information Release Deal Finalized
  • WOTUS Reverse Set for Late 2017; Keep Federal Case Moving, says AFBF  
  • FDA Commissioner Nominee Gottlieb Gets April 5 Hearing after Submitting Finances Plan 
  • Big Company Compliance Date on FSMA Transport Rule Set for April 6   
  • CFTC Acting Chair Giancarlo Names James McDonald Enforcement Director 
  • Trade Notes 
ACI Board of Directors
Dave Reichhart
Michelle Vigna
ACI Treasurer
 Mike Hucker
CGB Enterprises

Past Chair
Sal Sama
Winfield Solutions
IGFA Past Chair
Alan Lowe
Lowe's Pellets & Grain

Max Deatsman
Deatsman Grain

George Greenwood
ADM Grain  

Mike Hucker
CGB Enterprises

  Ed Korniak
Iroquois Bio-Energy
Alan Lowe
Lowe's Pellets & Grain

Brad McCord
Mike Schweickert
J. P. Morgan Securities, LLC

Brad Sommer
  Justin Daugherty
Drew Garretson
Winfield/Land O'Lake

Jennifer Long
Dow AgroSciences

Rod Miller
Crop Fertility Specialist

  Scott Sharp
Premier Ag
Marv Ulmet
Groundwork BioAg

Jackson Umbarger
Roy Umbarger & Son s

  Phill Zimmerman

Dr. Joe Anderson
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