MARCH 2019
Celebrate Agriculture!
Every year, farmers, ranchers, agricultural businesses, universities, and consumers across America join to recognize the contributions of agriculture. Celebrate agriculture with these resources created by the Nebraska Farm Bureau Foundation.
  • Bookmarks
  • Placemats
  • Coloring Sheets
Still Time to Apply!
The Nebraska Farm Bureau Foundation offers Field Trip Grants for classroom visits to working farms and ranches for students in Kindergarten – Eighth grades. Through these grants, classrooms receive funding for entry fees and transportation costs. 
Beef it Up
Did you know more cows live in Nebraska than people? Participate in a Classroom Visit to learn more about Nebraska’s number one industry: Agriculture. Classroom participation is encouraged through creating an economic food web and a game of Beef Jeopardy. Through these activities, students learn about:
  • Producers and Consumers
  • Supply and Demand
  • Careers
  • How farmers and ranchers care for their livestock. 

This activity is provided at no cost to your classroom. 

Contact Brooke Tempel, education specialist, or (402) 421-4408 to learn more or sign up today.  
Watch your mailbox! The newest edition of AgMag, Our Responsibility: Nebraska’s Natural Resources, will be delivered to every elementary school, directed to the fourth-grade teachers March 8 – 15. 

The AgMag series supports fourth grade content area standards in language arts, social studies, and science. 
Ag Pen Pal Reminder
Your second letter should have been sent by February 28. Your final letter should be sent by April 30.

Farmer/Rancher Ag Pen Pal volunteers will send their final letter by March 31!

If you have not received your second letter from your Pen Pal, please contact Jenna Sutterfield at
Resource Spotlight: Literature Guides
Each guide introduces a beautiful, imaginative, lively text or picture book and is accompanied by professionally created curriculum. Students can benefit from the exposure to quality literature and an understanding of Nebraska agriculture. 

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