Teacher of the Year
We are looking for a teacher who actively teaches students about the value of agriculture. 

The winner of this award will receive:
  • A trip to the 2019 National Agriculture in the Classroom Conference in Little Rock, Arkansas to gain new ideas for their classroom. The award includes conference registration, airfare, and lodging.
  • A Nebraska Farm Bureau Foundation Book Bundle: Twelve accurate agriculture books with corresponding literature guides.
  • A $250 cash prize for use in the teacher’s classroom. 

Application Deadline: December 1, 2018
Ag Pen Pal Schedule
Your first letter should have been sent by October 31st.

Farmer/Rancher Ag Pen Pal volunteers send their second letter by January 30th!

If you have not received your first letter from you Pen Pal please contact Jenna Sutterfield at
Explore agriculture and STEM with our newest resource. The AgMag series supports fourth grade content area standards in language arts, social studies, and science. Fourth grade teachers can request hard copies of the AgMag. You can find a Teacher’s Guide and the PDF version on our website. 

Did you receive an AgMag at your school? Let us know here.
Thank a Farmer or Rancher
While we may be removed from the origins of our meal, food connects us in ways that we may take for granted. With a national holiday dedicated to gratitude approaching, take a moment to draw or write a thank you to your Ag Pen Pal! They are a part of the 2% that grow our food.
How did that get on my plate?
Where did my food come from? Explore items on the Thanksgiving menu that came from agriculture. Can you tell which products came from Nebraska agriculture?
Book of the Month!
Thomas Jefferson Grows a Nation
By: Peggy Thomas
Thomas Jefferson loved to grow everything – from fruits and vegetables and trees to…even his new nation! And he loved to boast that this new nation was big, beautiful, and bountiful. As president, Jefferson doubled the size of the country in just one day. Back at home, he lovingly tended his gardens and fields and prepared America’s soil for the future. 
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