Letter Reminder
Your pen pal should have sent their first letter by September 30. If you have not received a letter, please contact Jenna Sutterfield at 

Your classroom's first letter must be sent by October 31
Letter Writing
Need an idea to start your first letter? SHARE what you’ve been doing, SHOW what you’ve been doing and use these helpful tips to get started writing your first letter. 
Mini Grants
Nebraska Farm Bureau Foundation offers $250 and $500 competitive mini grants for use in classroom programs that promote agricultural literacy. The grants are available for kindergarten through grade 12. 

Innovative ideas that enhance student knowledge of the contribution made by agriculture will be awarded. 

Applications are due October 31.
This NEW fourth grade resource was mailed to every school in Nebraska! The AgMag series supports fourth grade content area standards in language arts, social studies, and science. Did you receive an AgMag at your school? Let us know how you're using it here.

Need to request more print copies? Fourth grade teachers can request copies for their students here. You can find a Teacher’s Guide and the PDF version of the magazine on our website.
October - National Pork Month
Go hog wild with these lessons to celebrate National Pork Month in your school!
  • Pigs on the Farm
  • K-2nd graders will explore the basic needs of animals and create a modern pig barn that will help farmers meet the needs of the animals.
  • Truth or Hogwash
  • 3rd-5th graders will work in teams to play a game in which they answer true/false questions about swine and then research questions of their own.
Book of the Month!
The Pumpkin Circle
By: George Levenson
The poetry of the text winds in and around these photographs like the tendrils of a pumpkin vine, snaring your imagination and trapping your interest in where the story will lead. Pumpkins are not just for Halloween. Supplement this book with a standard aligned lesson including history, science, nutrition, and math through the study of pumpkins. 
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