National Farm to City Week

The week of November 18-24 is used to celebrate and recognize the beneficial partnerships between rural and urban communities that make our food supply safe and plentiful. Explore ways to celebrate this holiday in this newsletter!
Ag Pen Pal Schedule
Farm & Ranch Volunteers send their second letter by January 30!

What to do in the meantime?
  • Answer the questions you received and let the class know their next letter will arrive in January. 
  • Visit the classroom.
  • Participate in Agriculture Reading Hour.
  • Send a Postcard to Check In.
Book of the Month
Thomas Jefferson Grows a Nation
By: Peggy Thomas
Thomas Jefferson loved to grow everything – from fruits and vegetables and trees to…even his new nation! And he loved to boast that this new nation was big, beautiful, and bountiful. As president, Jefferson doubled the size of the country in just one day. Back at home, he lovingly tended his gardens and fields and prepared America’s soil for the future. 
Ag Pen Pal News Release
Share with your community about the Ag Pen Pal Program! Use this Sample News Release to share your participation! 
Visiting a Classroom
A visit to your Ag Pen Pal classroom is a great way to share your story on top of the letters that you send them. Ever wonder what you should take or when you should go? Check out our tips to prepare for a visit to your Ag Pen Pals!
Agriculture Reading Hour Program
Nebraska Farm Bureau Foundation seeks volunteers for the Agriculture Reading Hour program to increase agricultural literacy in your community.

By signing up for the program you agree to:
  1. Read the book, John Deere That’s Who!, to a classroom.
  2. Donate the book to the classroom or school library.
  3. Submit a photo of your book reading experience.

Books can be picked up at the Nebraska Farm Bureau office, the Nebraska Farm Bureau Annual Meeting on December 3, or mailed to the volunteer.
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