Speakers Include
Andrew Ferrell- Pioneer Product Agronomist

Carl Joern- Pioneer Field Agronomist

Courtney Jacobs- Corteva Crop Protection

Tim Norris- Business Management Developer of Autonomy Smart-Ag by Raven

Michael Langemeier , Professor Purdue Ag Econ
Peterson Ag Service
Winter Agronomy Meeting
Wednesday, January 22nd, 2020
9:00-12:45 EST
Brook United Methodist Church
PAS will once again be offering a winter agronomy meeting focusing on current industry issues and topics. We will still offer a meeting at a later date for growers to earn PARP points and required Dicamba certification. Lunch will be served at the conclusion of the meeting.
Topics will include:
Evolution of Corn Hybrids
Nematode Populations and Solutions
ROI on Corn Planter Technology
Purdue Ag Econ 2 Year Outlook
Sulfur in Soybeans
Carl Joern, Pioneer Field Agronomist shared some insights on why sulfur is the 4th most needed nutrient. Cleaner air has prevented sulfur from being free and available in our soils. Plants require the most sulfur and reproductive stages. We typically see a higher yield advantage in coarser soil types. Some years more OM mineralization and atmospheric decomposition would yield less need for an additional sulfur application.

The above image shows a test in Jasper County in 2017 where sulfur was applied in strips. This mid July application of 100# of AMS yielded a 12 bushel advantage.
Mark Your Calendars!!!
Peterson Ag Service will once again be offering a meeting to get your PARP and Dicamba credits on March 12th at 7:30 CST at the Brook United Methodist Church.
7:30 AM CST Breakfast
8:00 AM CST-10:00 CST PARP Certification Meeting
10:00-AM-11:00 CST Dicamba Certification
Ag Leader SureForce
SureForce automatically adjusts weight on the planter to maintain consistent depth no matter the field conditions:
  • Varying soil types
  • Compaction from vehicle tracks
  • Variable weight on the planter
  • No-Till conditions
  • Heavy residue
  • Light soils
Our Views
We enjoyed seeing everyone at the Precision Ag Summit on January 7th. We had a great list of speakers and several vendors who were able to offer our customers ideas that can be implemented in their operations. We hope you will be able to attend Peterson Ag Service's Winter Agronomy Meeting on Wednesday January 22nd. We are excited about the opportunity to have a list of great speakers who will engage you with opportunities for your 2020 cropping season. The next Pioneer Seed pay date for 2020 seed is March 13th. Let us know how we can help you with your seed needs. We hope you had a great New Year and are excited about the 2020 season!
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