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"When Earth is ravaged by climate changes that poison the air and water, five women steal a spaceship to colonize a new world in this feminist SF thriller.
Thirty years after she made history as one of the Atalanta Five, the botanist Dr. Naomi Lovelace is finally ready to tell her story. Lam's (Shattered Minds, 2017, etc.) novel slips forward and backward in time, tracing four decades of Naomi's life with Dr. Valerie Black-the entrepreneur who raised her after her parents' tragic deaths and the woman whose company developed the Atalanta spaceship. Designed to warp from Mars to a distant, habitable planet called Cavendish, the Atalanta orbits Earth, awaiting the arrival of its all-male crew. The erosion of women's rights on Earth means that Naomi, Valerie, and the others-who will become known collectively as the Atalanta Five-have been forced out of their jobs, but Cavendish offers them something none can claim on Earth: the chance to start over. Although the novel's earliest tensions involve mechanical failures and miscalculations, the drama shifts quickly to interpersonal conflicts that threaten the integrity of the Atalanta's mission. Each member of the crew has a well-developed voice and her own drives and ambitions, which makes the novel increasingly difficult to put down as betrayals and double-crossings play out aboard the claustrophobic ship. The unexpected ending will leave satisfied readers searching for read-alikes in its wake.
A slow-burning fire of a novel that begs the reader to keep turning the page."

 - Kirkus Review

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