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      Both of our locations are hiring technicians and detailers.  If you know of anyone interested, please send them our way.  Our detailer positions are very flexible; you can make the schedule! It is perfect for those retired or for high school students looking for part-time work. Follow the link below for more information.
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All you need to know about Hydroplaning
This season has been full of wet weather! Do you know what to do if your vehicle suddenly loses control?
Check out this video full of great safety info!
Check out this video full of great safety info!
5 Tips to Prevent Hydroplaning
  1. Ensure your tires are properly inflated (specifics are in your manual).
  2. Check your tires using a penny. If Lincoln's head is covered at all, you are good.
  3. Don't use cruise control during or right after heavy rain.
  4. Slow your speed.
  5. Avoid driving through puddles, especially at high speeds. 
Are we currently working on your vehicle? Click the link below to check the status. 
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Penny Test
Let Abe be the Judge!
This is an easy way to know if you need new tires!
Grab one of the pennies you have laying around and insert it into your tire's tread.  If any part of Lincoln's head is covered, your tires are still good.  If it isn't, (or if it's getting close) it's time to think about replacing! 
As always, stop in one of our locations and we can tell you for sure!
Employee Spotlight:
Abbie Enneking
Position: VP of Operations
Time @ EAB: 3 months
Years of Experience:0.5
Favorite Team: IU 
Hobby: Traveling 
   We are in need of hard-working refinish technicians & detailers. Detailers can make their own schedule: part-time or full-time! We love experience but it's not required. Training will be provided.
Joe and Karen
As always, thank you to all our loyal customers out there. We wouldn't be here if we didn't have you!
God bless and safe travels,  
Joe and Karen Enneking
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