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Ahhhsome flooring. FreeStyle BioLock access flooring has Nova Dental covered

Teaching tomorrow’s dental professional is serious business. It also can be complicated. Case in point, a FreeStyle installation at the Nova Dental School of Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Nova Dental needed flooring for its lab, which would feature more than two dozen work stations. Adding to the complexity, the project would require an access flooring solution as pipes and wiring lay below the current floor.

Nova Dental chose our FreeStyle BioLock for a number of reasons. In addition to the ergonomic and installation benefits-- interlocking technology that eliminates need for messy, toxic adhesives--BioLock utilizes a water-proof seam sealer that makes tiles liquid-tight but still removable and replaceable. This is a critical feature when you consider the wiring and plumbing beneath the access flooring at Nova Dental.

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Routine maintenance for lab flooring
One of the characteristics many of our clients love about our BioLock flooring for labs is that it is extremely durable and requires minimal maintenance to keep in pristine condition. That being said, routine cleaning is the best way to help keep your floors looking and feeling brand new. The wear layer on our tiles is durable, but not indestructible. Here are a few maintenance tips we suggest to help minimize the chance of damages:

  • Utilize walk off mats in doorways and entrance ways when possible
  •  Sweep or vacuum to remove loose debris and wipe clean with a wet mop

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