Bartow History Museum
Located in Historic Downtown Cartersville.
Did you know that at one time pirates roamed the coast of Georgia?
Join us in June for Pirate Camp.
Kids, did all pirates say "Arrr..."? Learn this and more by joining us at Pirate Camp this summer. Mom and Dad, you can register your child here.
Meanwhile, here are some pirate themed activities for the kiddos. We hope they enjoy them.
Ahoy Mateys!
We are excited to have all landlubbers join us as we set sail for adventure on the high waters. So batten down the hatches and report to the poop deck to receive your orders. Heave ho off to work we go. Parents be sure to collect your booty at the end!
All buccaneers need to learn to talk like a pirate. Test your knowledge of pirate slang with this game where you are challenged to match words to their meaning.

Practice your math skills with this worksheet. Arrr...but don't be fooled, count carefully.

While at sea, pass time with this word scramble.

Take a moment to send a message in a bottle to a friend back home.

Challenge yourself and see how many words you can complete. This one might be for the more experienced sailors out there.

Here is a simple craft to make at home with supplies you have around the house.

To find the answers to these worksheets, please check our Facebook/Instagram pages.
We don't want our adults feeling left out. So here's a little something for you.
This is the perfect time to set some goals for ourselves. Have fun day dreaming about something you would like to do in the future...perhaps it's a vacation you would like to take, a course you would like to complete, or a personal journey you want to take.

We look forward to seeing you at the
museum when we reopen!
Stop in to shop at the Museum Gift Shop.
4 East Church Street
Cartersville, GA

Monday - Saturday
10 a.m. - 5 p.m.