Sage Investigations is your best ally when it comes to serving your business clients. With over 26 years as an IRS Special Agent and more than 40 years of experience in forensic accounting and business, we have: skill, training, education, experience, and knowledge to help business owners avoid fraud

We aid your client, the business owner by proactively monitoring the activities of the operating partner. It is better to know now what is transpiring than to wait for IRS notices, eviction notices, or being cut off by vendors for unpaid bills to appear (Trust but Verify).

We create:
  1. Procedures that require documents to be reported to a central point where the reports can be reviewed and maintained.  

We make sure
  1. Obligations to the Federal and State Governments are diligently handled, whether it is Federal and State employment taxes, State sales taxes, or personal property taxes. 
  2. Bank obligations and rent commitments are properly paid.
  3. Procedures for monitoring revenue and expenses and forecasting cash flow are present.
  4. Procedures for the monitoring of Debit or Credit Card Charges are present to avoid abuse.
  5. Procedures for reconciliation of bank accounts are present and done monthly. 
  6. Procedures for periodic review of the Audit Report are contained in the company’s accounting software. 
  7. Procedures are in place for a hot line for employees who see activities happening that are out of the ordinary and want to report the matter. 
  8. We report back to the absentee partner about activities of the company. 

If you discover that your business owner client does not have a plan to monitor activities of the operating partner or manager, or they begin to receive IRS Notices, Tax Liens, eviction notices, etc. Contact the experienced professionals at Sage Investigations, LLC. We will assist with the forensic accounting necessary to determine what happened and help your client recover. We will deal with IRS and State authorities. 

Let us help setup your clients operations to avoid problems that are prevalent in businesses today. 

If you or your client needs a knowledgeable, CPA, retired IRS Special Agent, fraud investigator, and forensic accountant …

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