Week 1 Day 4
May 7th
Bruce's Field
Aiken, SC

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We are so excited to welcome all of our friends back to Bruce's Field! We are working extremely hard to make this year's experience the best yet. Since 2019 we have been quietly laying the groundwork to kick off a capital campaign that will enable us to house more of our four legged friends in permanent stalls and to improve the competition layout by building a brand new featured events arena more aligned with the center of the venue, while also providing more schooling space in the Hunter 2/3 schooling area.

We have not yet raised all of the funds to complete this work, but in order to have in place many of these improvements prior to Aiken Charity 2022, we have been extremely fortunate to develop a solid relationship with Security Federal Bank here in Aiken, thus allowing us to forge ahead while we continue to fund-raise.

We hope each of you, as stakeholders in Bruce's Legacy will consider participating in our fundraising efforts. There are myriad ways and levels that everyone can support the campaign to help ensure that Bruce's Field is not only sustainable but a special venue for all to enjoy.

While we are progressing nicely, we remain an active construction site, and we ask for your patience and cooperation as we balance our expansion and running of the competition. Parking will be tight, and as such we have hired a parking liaison who will both assist and direct people to designated parking areas. Please help us help you to have a smooth and enjoyable experience.
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Aiken Charity Horse Show
Week 1
This year, The ACHS has established a media partnership with Clip My Horse to bring you live action daily. We are extremely excited to be able to provide this service for our competitors.
Make sure to stop by the A&S Photography trailer located on vendor row for all you horse show photos!
Rent your golf cart for ACHS I & II

The Golf Cart Lady is the Official Golf Cart Supplier of the Aiken Horse Park Foundation
Hunter Ring I
Brad Wolf & Sebastian, owned by Brad Wolf, won the high score in the 3'3" Amateur Owner Hunter 36/O with a score of 91.
Hunter Ring 2
Linda Shuford & Candy Crush, owned by Linda Shuford won the high score in the Adult Amateur Hunter 36-49 with a 90.
Hunter Ring 3
Elle Boyd & Loafer's Lodge Melody, owned by Finally Farm, INC, won the high score in the Medium Pony Hunter with an 86.
Congratulations to our riders on their excellent trips and earning $500 each and $100 for their groom! We're looking forward to more outstanding rides to come.
For full results visit horseshowsonline.com
Saturday, May 7th
$50,000 Chesterfield Cup Grand Prix
First: Daniel Geitner and Fazous, owned by Oak Ledge Farm
Second: Sharn Wordley and Gatsby, owned by Summit Farms, LLC.
Friday, May 6th
$25,000 Aiken Charity RBD Hunter Classic
Sponsored by DFG Stables
First: Daniel Geitner and Mr. Manhattan, owned by Martin Schlaeppi
Second: Kristy Herrera and Doctor's Orders, owned by Brad Wolf
3'6" Performance Hunter
Sponsored Mr. & Mrs. Robert Hottensen
Champion: Victoria Colvin and Queen Celeste, owned by Glade Run Farm, LLC.
Reserve: Victoria Colvin and Fandiamo, owned by Louis Delsignore
2'3" Aiken Horse Park NP Hunter
Champion: Tracey London and Red C, owned by Courtney Goldstein
Reserve: Tammy Williams and Next Monday, owned by Davlyn Farms
2'0"/2'6" Aiken Horse Park Hunter
Champion: Maria Rasmussen and SVF Haymaker, owned by Sunset View Farm, LLC.
Reserve: Julie Curtin and Kennedy, owned by Cate Hernandez
3'3" Performance Hunter
Sponsored by Pine Hollow Farm
Champion: Carolina Willard Briles and McHenry, owned by Tara Dow-Rein
Champion: Jared Depermenteir and Sebastian, owned by Brad Wolf
Reserve: Daniel Geitner and Double Eagle, owned by Sophia Cisco
Reserve: Morgan Van Nortwick and Taittinger, owned by Teriann Miller
3'0" Aiken Horse Park NP Hunter
Champion: Cara Garito and Tangelina, owned by Cara Garito
Reserve: Margot Peroni and Monroe, owned by Margot Peroni
1.30 Meter Open Jumper
Sponsored by Capital Challenge & ESP Farm
Champion: Gavin Moylan and Bentley, owned by Crescent Farms
Reserve: Kate Brown and Victor Z, owned by Kate Brown
Reserve: Daniel Geitner and Cilia M, owned by November Hill
1.20 Meter Open Jumper
Sponsored by Mr. & Mrs. Darin Rado
Champion: Gavin Moylan and Beowulf, owned by Alden Moylan
Reserve: Daniel Geitner and Kerrera, owned by Isabelle Song
USHJA Pony Hunter Derby
In Loving Memory of Sandra Thomas
First: Emerson Euler and Bridlewood In Deemand, owned by Emerson Euler
Second: Lulu Wells and Heaven's Gift, owned by Jack Towell
Trip of the Day
Hunter Ring I
Daniel Geitner & Walk The Moon, owned by Lynn Seithel, won the high score in the 3'3" Performance Handy Hunter with a score of 90.
Hunter Ring II
Daniel Geitner & Double Eagle, owned by Sophia Cisco won the high score in the 3'3" Performance Hunter with an 87.
Hunter Ring III
Cara Garito & Tangelina, owned by Cara Garito, won the high score in the 3'0" Aiken Horse Park Non-Pro Hunter with an 85.
Thursday, May 5th
$10,000 Welcome Stake
Sponsored by The Hansen Family
First: Daniel Geitner and Igor Van De Heibos, owned by GFZ Sport Horses, LLC.
Second: Grant Seger and Yoghi FLP, owned by Fox Lair Performance, LLC.
Conformation Hunter
Sponsored by the Ingram Family
Champion: Carolina Willard Briles and Necofino, owned by The Rein Family, LLC.
Reserve: Daniel Geitner and Coltrane, owned by Kate Richardson
Aiken Hunter 2'6"
Champion: Amanda Steege and Arosa B, owned by Jacqueline Kramig
Reserve:  Tara Metzner and Next Monday, owned by Davlyn Farms
Baby Green Hunter
Sponsored by Lynne Carter
Champion:  Amanda Steege and Karlotta, owned by Judy Rutkowski
Reserve:  Amanda Steege and Arina, owned by Frances Moppett
3'3" Green Hunter
Champion: Victoria Colvin and Affirm, owned by Parker Peacock
Reserve: Hunt Tosh and Twain, owned by Ceil and Kenny Wheeler
3'6" Green Working Hunter
Sponsored by Davlyn Farm
Champion:  Daniel Geitner and Mr. Manhattan, owned by Martin Schlaeppi
Reserve: Kristy Herrera and Doctor's Orders, owned by Brad Wolf
Aiken Hunter 3'0"
Champion: Cathy Geitner and Capital Gains, owned by David Hanley
Reserve:  Hunter Kay and Hamilton, owned by Madeline Grebow
3'9" Green Working Hunter
Sponsored by Sabrina Hellman
Champion:  Maria Rasmussen and Goodfella, owned by Maya Grove
Reserve: Kristy Herrera and Heckfield, owned by John & Stephanie Ingram, LLC.
High Performance Hunter
Champion: Hunt Tosh and Cannon Creek, owned by The Wheeler Family
Reserve: Amanda Steege and Lafitte De Muze, owned by Cheryl Olsten
3'0" Green Hunter
Champion: Victoria Colvin and Circa, owned by Glade Run Farm, LLC.
Champion: Victoria Colvin and Trust, owned by Glade Run Farm, LLC.
Reserve: Victoria Colvin and So Special, owned by Paula Horton
Reserve: Amanda Steege and Cecilia, owned by Cara Garito
Trip of the Day
Hunter Ring I
Hunt Tosh & Autograph, owned by Ceil and Kenny Wheeler, won the high score in the High Performance Handy Hunter with a score of 91.
Hunter Ring II
Victoria Colvin & Queen Celeste, owned by Glade Run Farm, LLC. won the high score in the 3'6" Performance Hunter with an 90.
Hunter Ring III
In Hunter Ring 3, we had an unusual tie. Both Tara Metzner & Next Monday, owned by Davlyn Farms, and Amanda Steege & Arosa B, owned by Jacqueline Kramig, scored 88s in the Aiken Hunter 2'6".
Wednesday, May 4th
Trip of the Day
Hunter Ring I
Daniel Geitner & Mr. Manhattan, owned by Martin Schlaeppi, won the high score in the 3'6" Green Hunter with a score of 87.
Hunter Ring II
Victoria Colvin & Circa, owned by Glade Run Farm, LLC. won the high score in the 3' Green Hunter with a spectacular 92!
Thank you to our Hospitality Sponsors,
Beaver River Farm, Aiken Educational Services, Rosalie Midyette, Courtney Goldstein, Amanda Steege,
and Sabrina Hellman
for supporting the afternoon fun!
Thank you to everyone who came out and spent the evening with us! It was a thrilling 148th Derby! We also need to extend a MASSIVE thank you to Jane Hottensen and Lisa Castles for all their hard work in organizing this spectacular event!
Sustainability was Bruce's Goal
He wanted to build a community resource, a community asset for generations to come. Bruce always tried to do the best he could with his animals, with his friends, and with his competition. We are dedicated to his wishes and committed to taking Aiken Horse Park, Bruce’s Field, to a never ending higher level of attractiveness and of competitiveness.
- Craig Duchossois
 At Children’s Place, our mission is to protect, heal, and strengthen children and families from the impact of trauma and other adverse experiences through education, treatment, and prevention services.
Great Oak "Go Getters" can be seen assisting all around the horse show! From the merchandise selection to Winner's Circle decorating, they're always on the move.
 Great Oak provides equine assisted activities that promote the physical, emotional, and psychological health of individuals with special needs. At Great Oak, we change lives. Our programs are the catalyst for unbridled personal growth and awareness. We share our knowledge to empower individuals and their families.
Volunteers from Children's Place will be on the back porch of the show office each morning, serving coffee and breakfast pastries from 7 - 9. Be sure to stop by!
Thank you to all our wonderful volunteers!


It is our goal that every division is sponsored each week, and that each afternoon hospitality event is sponsored as well. We hope you have enjoyed your past experience here in Aiken and indeed at Bruce's Field and will consider sponsoring once again in 2022.

We continue to make every effort to honor Bruce’s legacy by remaining true to his original vision. The ACHS is truly a labor of love dedicated to his memory. The success of our shows these last few years have translated into $130,000 distributed to a variety of local and national charities representative of Bruce’s pledge to increase public awareness of and support for the prevention and elimination of the abuse of children, elderly and abused persons and for the prevention of cruelty to animals. 
Please consider supporting our horse shows by choosing a sponsorship level that fits your budget. The Aiken Charity Horse Shows are the major fund-raising events intended to sustain the Aiken Horse Park Foundation throughout the year. Your sponsorship will allow Bruce’s Field to continue to be an important asset to Aiken and support this year's beneficiaries.
Since the beginning of 2020, and with encouragement from Green Is The New Blue, Bruce's Field has made a commitment to demonstrate best practices and environmental stewardship during events. We are limiting the use of single-use plastics by providing water stations at all of the in-gates, show office, and the hospitality tent. We hope everyone will take advantage of these resources by using their own refillable water bottle. Recycling whenever possible and water conservation, are two additional initiatives that you and your staff are asked to consider during your daily routines. Please help us support green practices.
Go ahead and register now to start your bidding! Auction closes May 14, 2022 2pm
Sponsors to Date
Kitty & Johnny Barker - Tara & Charlie Bostwick - Rebecca Cameron - Lynne Carter
ESP Farm & Capital Challenge Horse Show - Sharer Dale - Davlyn Farms - Carolyn Donahue
Eight Oaks, Inc. - Fayetteville Farm - Paige Fluornoy - Full Circle Farm - Meg Giannati
Rebecca Galbraith - Courtney Goldstein - Jill Grant - Paula Hallman - The Hansen Family
Amy Hebert & CP Doremus - Sabrina H Hellman & Marco W. Hellman - Jane & Robert Hottensen
The John Ingram Family - Laura Karet - Sherry Kozloff - Lovely Ladies of DFG - ManeLine Art
Nancy McBrayer - MeadowView Farm - Rosalie Midyette - TeriAnn Mahony-Miller - Darin Rado
The Rein Family Foundation - Louise Riggio - RPW Show Horses & New Vintage Farm - Jack Schwarz
Anna Sharp - Amanda Steege - Susan Tanner - Giana Terranova - Sandra Thomas - Barb Gould Uskup
Deirdre Stoker Vaillancourt - Stephanie Von Bidder - Jack Wetzel
David Miller and Luckilee Farm
Promoting Aiken’s equestrian way of life and encouraging the community’s civic, educational,
and charitable endeavors.