COVID-19 and Impacted Air Service

Updated September 12, 2020

For schedule changes, the big move this weekend came from Frontier as they are the first to publish their initial November cuts. They are down 22% week over week, which puts their November domestic schedule at 78% of last year. Their October cuts continue into November but more than 60 routes have been reinstated month over month… for now… They’ve also started (or in some cases restarted) 15 new routes mostly in MIA, PHL, SJU, Florida and American hub to hubs. On top of that, new LAS-ONT service begins in November as well!

Speaking of new service, I’m sure you didn’t miss JetBlue’s announcement of two dozen new routes to start later this year.

Despite the challenges that COVID has brought to our industry, ASD is alive and well! Over 160 new domestic routes have been added *during* COVID. We anticipate more to come as carriers continue to be flexible and innovative with their networks.

Congrats to our friends at Greater Palm Springs on new service on JetBlue to FLL, American to PHL and soon to be announced service on Southwest! Also a big congrats to Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority on new service to SNA on Spirit and to Richmond on JetBlue!
Below are the latest Capacity Reports.

Our next Virtual Roundtable will be on October 9th and we will send out the RSVP link soon!
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