July 2017   
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As many students get ready to head back to school, we solid waste management professionals can, too! There is always something new to learn about our industry.

The Solid Waste Association of North America (SWANA) and the California Resource Recovery Association (CRRA) have announced their new Zero Waste Principles & Practices Certification Course, developed by the two organizations along with Kessler Consulting over the past two years.

I was fortunate to have been involved as a reviewer in the Zero Waste course as it was developed, and earlier this month I participated in the beta session of the training. In a few weeks, I will be at the CRAA Conference in San Diego to assist, as needed, at the pilot session of the course there.

When it comes to waste, the curriculum keeps evolving! Looking at existing definitions of Zero Waste and then creating your own creates local ownership of programs. We would love to help you do this and help explain any new methods and practices as they impact solid waste management for your community. Please give me a call!

School is in session--meet you in the classroom!

Elizabeth Roe
Eco Partners
Back to School for Zero Waste
Patsy Timus, Dir. of Education & Training for SWANA, greets Elizabeth at the initial Zero Waste training.
After several years of development and testing, training in Zero Waste Principles & Practices is now available thanks to SWANA and CRRA. 

As Eco Partners President Elizabeth Roe  live-tweeted during the beta test of this new training, the "Road to zero waste is full of twists, turns, fascinating ideas & conversations!"  Eco Partners had been fortunate to have a seat at the table as this training was developed.

The new course will premiere next month at CRRA's Annual Conference and Tradeshow in San Diego, and is available as part of SWANA's Certification Program through Training@Work, Training@HQ, and Chapter Partnering programs.

According to a joint media release from these two partners, "The Zero Waste Principles & Practices certification course will benefit municipal recycling and solid waste professionals, private and public sector policy makers, and sustainability advocates who are looking to write a Zero Waste plan or learn more about components to incorporate in their current program." Sara Bixby, SWANA's Deputy Executive Director, went on to say:

"Our current recycling, composting, and education programs must be part of our future Zero Waste systems; the challenge is to rethink existing programs in the context of Zero Waste and to add elements that move us further toward these goals."

You can learn more about the Zero Waste Principles & Practices certification course here.

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