Aiming High!
Producing Successful Fundraising Events 

TVNPA workshop: Part 1

Join us as we focus on how to choose the right event for the right cause and what it takes to create a top-level event.
Thursday, July 9, 2015 
10:00 am - Noon

Bankhead Theater Lobby
2400 First St.  
Downtown Livermore

Please note!
Doors open at 10 am
for this meeting!

10 am: Coffee & Networking
10:30 am: Program 
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August 13, 2015
10 am - noon
Aiming High!
Producing Successful Fundraising Events

TVNPA Workshop: Part 2 
TVNPA sincerely thanks the Livermore Valley Performing Arts Center for their generosity in providing a beautiful venue for us to hold our meeting this month!

Tri-Valley Nonprofit Alliance

Aiming High!
Producing Successful
Fundraising Events

Moving Beyond the Rubber Chicken Dinner!

Thursday, July 9, 10 am - Noon

Have you been tasked with planning an event? Have you been doing an event for years that is losing its momentum?

Most nonprofits suffer from a perplexing condition that causes them reflexively to start planning events whenever a need arises. In this session, we will discuss strategies for developing a strong, results-driven event strategy for your organization. Not every fundraiser needs to be a "rubber chicken dinner" accompanied by silent and live auctions -- in fact, you might not even want to raise money at every event as you aim to cultivate a loyal community of support for your organization.

Learn about ways to increase your revenue through meaningful event and engagement planning!

In this first session of a two-part series, we will focus on top level event planning, including goal setting and exploring a variety of different types of events. We will not only take into consideration analyzing the return on investment into the event itself, but also think about the opportunity-cost related to how you spend your time.

This workshop series will be moderated by Chris Carter, Director of Development at the Livermore Valley Performing Arts Center, who has recently joined the Tri-Valley Nonprofit Alliance Executive Team. Welcome, Chris!

For more information, 
email Kathy Young, TVNPA Co-Founder

Do you know someone who would like to hear about TVNPA programs and events? We invite executive directors, staff members, board directors, and volunteers of nonprofit organizations to join us each month. M embers of the community at large are also welcome to attend and explore what the Tri-Valley Nonprofit Alliance is doing to support nonprofit organizations in the region. Together, we're better!

Tri-Valley Nonprofit Alliance
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The Tri-Valley Nonprofit Alliance provides nonprofit organizations with opportunities to meet, collaborate and share resources, thereby strengthening each other as they work to achieve their missions.

The organization's philosophy is simply put: together, we're better. When local nonprofits succeed and thrive, the entire community is strengthened. The Tri-Valley Nonprofit Alliance supports nonprofit organizations located within the Tri-Valley and throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. 
Start-up funding is always appreciated; however, we are currently working towards applying for official nonprofit status with the IRS. Please consult a licensed tax advisor regarding charitable giving to TVNPA. 

To make a contribution or for more information about the organization, we welcome you to contact Co-Founders Kathy Young and Mony Nop or visit our website to learn more about the TVNPA