Aiming High!
Producing Successful Fundraising Events 

TVNPA Workshop: Part 2

Join us as we "get down to brass tacks" at our second session of a two-part workshop that will focus on learning the tips and tools of the trade to pull off a great event.
Thursday, August 13, 2015 
10:00 am - Noon

Bankhead Theater Lobby
2400 First St.  
Downtown Livermore

Please note!
Doors open at 10 am
for this meeting!

10 am: Coffee & Networking
10:30 am: Program 
Do you know someone who would benefit from TVNPA programs and events? We invite executive directors, staff members, board directors, and volunteers of nonprofit organizations to join us each month. M embers of the community at large are also welcome to attend and explore what the TVNPA is doing to support nonprofit organizations in the region.

Together, we're better!

TVNPA sincerely thanks the Livermore Valley Performing Arts Center for their generosity in providing a beautiful venue for us to hold our meeting this month!

Tri-Valley Nonprofit Alliance

Aiming High!
Producing Successful
Fundraising Events

Tips and Tools: Getting Down to the Brass Tacks!
Workshop: Part 2

Thursday, August 13, 2015, 10 am - Noon

So, you have decided to move forward and begin planning your event... now what do you do? In the second session of TVNPA's summer workshop series addressing event concepts and planning, we will "jump into the deep end" and explore tools, tactics and strategies to help organizations pull off a successful and effective event.

Our guest speaker this month will be Laurie Earp of Earp Events and Fundraising. Laurie has more than 17 years of experience in special event planning and fundraising and will share with you a variety of practical steps to help you handle the logistics of many types of events, no matter how complex they are. After Laurie speaks, we will break into groups to discuss planning strategies that are unique to different types of events.

Join us for Part 2 of this workshop and develop an in-depth understanding of ways to increase your revenue through meaningful event and engagement planning!

This workshop series is moderated by Chris Carter, Director of Development at the Livermore Valley Performing Arts Center, who is also a member of the Tri-Valley Nonprofit Alliance Executive Team.

For more information, 
email Kathy Young, TVNPA Co-Founder

Join the Tri-Valley Nonprofit Alliance LinkedIn Member Group!

New this summer! TVNPA has created a Member Group on LinkedIn in keeping with our mission to create a strong community network of nonprofit organizations in the Tri-Valley and beyond. Organizations do not need to be located in the Tri-Valley in order to join our on-line professional network. Click the button below to find the TVNPA Member Group:

Be sure to click the "JOIN" button on our LinkedIn home page to add the TVNPA member group to your professional profile. We encourage you to post interesting industry-related questions, articles, blogs, events, and employment opportunities to the group. Start expanding your LinkedIn network today through the Tri-Valley Nonprofit Alliance Member Group!

For more information, 
email Kathy Young, TVNPA Co-Founder

Don't Forget! Bring Your Organization's Marketing Collateral to Monthly Meetings!

Did you know? TVNPA provides table space each month for nonprofits to display their program information, event flyers and organization brochures.

In addition to providing nonprofits with education and industry resources, the Tri-Valley Nonprofit Alliance exists to support nonprofits in strengthening their network of colleagues and supporters while assisting them in increasing their outreach to a wider audience. We encourage nonprofits to bring marketing collateral materials
from their organization to share with participants who attend TVNPA monthly meetings.

We provide the table space... you provide your flyers, brochures, and program information! 

Tri-Valley Nonprofit Alliance
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The Tri-Valley Nonprofit Alliance provides nonprofit organizations with opportunities to meet, collaborate and share resources, thereby strengthening each other as they work to achieve their missions.

The organization's philosophy is simply put: together, we're better. When local nonprofits succeed and thrive, the entire community is strengthened. The Tri-Valley Nonprofit Alliance supports nonprofit organizations located within the Tri-Valley and throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. 
Start-up funding is always appreciated; however, we are currently working towards applying for official nonprofit status with the IRS. Please consult a licensed tax advisor regarding charitable giving to TVNPA. 

To make a contribution or for more information about the organization, we welcome you to contact Co-Founders Kathy Young and Mony Nop or visit our website to learn more about the TVNPA.