Clean Air, Healthy Future
May 31, 2018
Air Alliance Houston Happenings
AAH named 500 Cities Challenge grant recipient, Pasadena community meeting shows successful engagement, One Breath Partnership promotes petition. 
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AQI resources: A detailed review
AAH's Paige Powell compares various available air quality resources to help residents monitor their area. 

Region sees various emissions events
The greater Houston region experienced a handful of fires and emissions events in the month of May alone.

Metro lets students ride for free this summer
Students from kindergarten through college can beat the heat while doing their part to reduce car pollution in Houston. 
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Greater Houston area biweekly ozone report 
As Houston's Ozone Action Day count increases, May 15 and 17 showed the highest levels of ozone over the last two weeks. 
Air Alliance Houston is a nonprofit organization that believes the quality of our air directly affects our quality of life. We are committed to delivering clean air for a healthier future in Houston. Through research, education, and advocacy, we empower Houstonians to take charge of their health and environment.
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