Clean Air, Healthy Future
April 18, 2018
Air Alliance Houston Happenings
AAH to participate in two Earth Day Houston events, executive director Bakeyah Nelson's latest published essay, and more. 
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TCEQ rejects batch plant permit application
The City of Houston, AAH, and nearby residents and community members all strongly opposed the permit request.

AAH board member shares pollution story 
Lauren Salomon, a mother of two children with asthma, shares her perspective with One Breath Partnership.

First Ozone Action Day of the season issued
On Monday, TCEQ issued the first Ozone Action Day alert of the season. Sign up for alerts to take the proper precautions.
Pollution poses high health risks in children
A new study shows that even short-term exposure increases the risk of lower respiratory infections and other effects.
Air Alliance Houston is a nonprofit organization that believes the quality of our air directly affects our quality of life. We are committed to delivering clean air for a healthier future in Houston. Through research, education, and advocacy, we empower Houstonians to take charge of their health and environment.
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