Clean Air, Healthy Future
May 17, 2017
Pasadena Candidate Forum/Accountability Session: May 28, 2017
Mayoral candidates in Pasadena prepare to tackle the issues of Immigration, Quality of Life, Safety and Workforce Development.
To Attend: RVSP

Union of Concerned Scientists Panel Discussion
Join scientists, energy investors, the public, and members of the press to a panel discussion on climate change and climate-related risks to industry, investors, and communities.
We forced ExxonMobil to pay $20 Million
With communities member like you we forced ExxonMobil to pay $20 million for penalty violations. Neighborhood Witness was established to make it easier for Texans living near a petrochemical plant to monitor and report violations.
Today! Houston Green Film Series: THE TRUE COST
Join us on this Wednesday evening at Rice Media Center for networking, a film screening, and panel discussion.

Air Quality Forecast
Houston is forecast to have good air quality for the next few days. Continue to check the OzoneMap for the most up-to-date information on regional ozone levels. 

Air Alliance Houston is a nonprofit organization that believes the quality of our air directly affects our quality of life. We are committed to delivering clean air for a healthier future in Houston. Through research, education, and advocacy, we empower Houstonians to take charge of their health and environment.
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