November 15, 2018
Air Quality Update as of November 15
We have been receiving a number of inquiries as to why our schools remain open during unhealthy air days and what measures our school district is taking to ensure the continued safety of students and staff. Provided below are responses to many of your inquiries and concerns:

All school districts in the region, including WUSD, continue to follow the recommendations of the Sacramento County and Yolo County Public Health Officers and the Sacramento Metropolitan Air Quality District.

The recommendations by our region’s leading public health officials DO call for the avoidance of prolonged exposure and physical activity in poor air conditions.

  • WUSD schools are following the recommendations our region’s leading public health officials limiting outdoor exposure for students and staff as much as possible. 
  • All WUSD outdoor and after school activities are being moved indoors and rescheduled to a later date when conditions improve.
  • All WUSD employees required to perform duties outside for prolonged periods of time continue to receive additional supports minimizing the effects of poor air quality.

Read the latest recommendations from the Sacramento County Public Health Department.

  • “N95 masks are not recommended for children due to the impact on breathing.”

Should our region’s leading public health officials recommend that there is any reason to consider the closure of our schools, please rest assured that WUSD will indeed follow these recommendations.

We believe strongly that the safest place for our students is at school and here is why:

  • Equitable access to our district-wide resources, support services, health services, etc.
  • Students rely on their school for meals.
  • Parents don’t have to worry about arranging daycare accommodations on short notice.
  • Our schools do have plans in place when students have to be indoors.

Families may choose to keep their student home if they are observing health impacts of the air quality.

  • This decision is up to our parents and families as individuals are impacted differently. 
  • All absences due to health concerns and air quality will be excused and students will be allowed to make-up their work.
We will continue working closely with regional health officials to monitor the situation keeping you updated with the latest information. You can visit our website at for up-to-date information as well as review some additional resources with helpful tips below: