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Spring Into Action                     AirTime April 2017
The office is a hive of activity with the first membership drive of '17 upon us. We're off to a smashing start with a flurry of responses to our direct mail appeal and a solid batch of renewals from our ever-conscientious base. Thanks to everyone who has done their part already and thanks in advance to those who have yet to make their contribution. It's your farthings, francs and drachmas that enable us to do what we do. Of course, actually legal tender is even more useful, so do what you can.

High On A Hill

We're very excited to announce a new partnership with the Academy Playhouse in Orleans that makes us the title sponsor of the Blue Skies On The Hill concert series. The series begins this weekend with Johnny Hoy and The Bluefish on Saturday April 8 at 8pm at 120 Main Street Orleans. Johnny is a stone mason and fisherman from Martha's Vineyard who's been rockin' out around the world with his band for well over 20 years. His unique blend of blues, pop and rock is sure to get your attention and keep your toes tappin'. There's more blues a couple of weeks later when harp legend Jerry Portnoy takes to the stage on the 22nd. The rest of the series features jazz and folk, so there's a little something for everyone.  We look forward to having the chance to make some new friends while supporting the local music scene.

If At First You Don't Succeed... 

Then tri, tri, tri again. In fact, some of you may be tri-ing for the seventh time since this year marks the 7th annual Wellfleet Sprint Triathlon to benefit Outermost Community Radio. The great race in a most beautiful place consists of a 1/4 mile swim, a 10 mile bike ride, and a 3 mile run around Long Pond. Teams and individuals are encouraged to register. This year's race promises to be our most successful ever as the registrations roll in. Part of the proceeds will be donated to Outer Cape Health. Thanks to Myya Beck for getting the event off the ground and thanks to current race director Kathleen Walker for running a well-oiled machine.

Program Notes

Concerts and athletic endeavors notwithstanding, radio shows still form the basis of our stock in trade. We're as proud as ever of the young folks who brighten our Saturday mornings. Sam and Becca have been doing great work for a while, and we recently added Eli and Ethan to the mix. You can catch the Outer Cape Teens show from 10am on Saturdays. The teens have the mic until the Metropolitan Opera takes over at 12 or 12:30. The Opera season ends in the first week of May, which will open up even more time for the young'uns.

As you might expect, there are a few seasonal changes coming our way. Jay Harrington will finish his season on the radio at the end of April (or thereabouts), and we expect the return of jazz DJs Dennis Allee, Rich Willeke and Helene Watt in the near future. The T-Bird will resume serving up the blues on alternate Thursday mornings by the end of the month, and we hope to be able to say the same about Steve Morgan sometime soon. David Cox has resigned from his Sunday night show after previously giving up Saturday nights. David was a great volunteer and a great DJ, but we'll have to venture on without him. We're looking for someone to fill his one Sunday night a month from 9 to midnight and Jay's alternate Sunday afternoons from 1-4. We also continue to look for a host for Tuesday afternoons 1-4pm. Your path to being a radio star begins with a call to the office at 508-487-2619.

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Great gobs of inky gratitude to Joey Mars for donating the graphic for the newest addition to our spring wardrobe. We're still looking for a name for the eight-armed bandit of love with a third eye, so email with your suggestions. Slip in a donation of $60 or more and you can bring the little cutie home with you. This design will only be available for a limited time, so don't miss your chance to add to your museum of community radio mementos.