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                    AirTime December 2017
Whether it's an old pair of jeans, your fridge or your car, at some point you realize that the things that have served you so well are no longer cutting the mustard. In our case, the equipment we use to produce our programming is failing. The broadcast consoles, CD players and the furniture are all showing their age. We've put the pieces in place to upgrade our entire
infrastructure. After more than two years of planning, we're ready to step into the future of community radio.

The passion and dedication of our volunteers make the diversity of music and information you hear possible. With your help, we're going to give our amazing volunteers the quality tools they deserve.

Fully networked gear will improve broadcast quality. Upgraded studio-transmitter links will provide for easier maintenance and extend the life of the systems. The addition of a generator at the transmitter site will enable us to stay on the air in virtually any conditions. Remote broadcast equipment will put us on location all over the Cape. Bringing the microphone to the people will allow us to better serve our mission of representing and serving our community. And we ARE on a mission.

You'll be hearing more about our plans and our progress in the weeks and months ahead. We invite you to be one of the first to support our major improvements. The full participation of our Board of Directors has already gotten us more than 20% of the way toward our goal. With your help, we'll put a shine on the place in no time. And there's no time like the present.

Real people. Real radio. Powered by you.

Thank you.

Seasonal Confab

Join us this Saturday from 4 to 6pm at the Schoolhouse for some good cheer. Everyone's invited to bring something to share, even if it's just a smile. Sometimes it's the smiles that mean the most. We'll revel in the rarity of getting more than a few radio people in the same room at the same time. We'll share stories of loves won and lost. We'll relive the past and look forward to the future. We'll laugh. We may even cry. It's what the end of the year is all about.
Step Right Up 

The end of the year is also when we look forward to next year and the work that lies ahead. You can help us get things done. We're always looking for people who would like to serve on the Program Committee, Events Committee or Community Advisory Board. You have our word that they're all more fun than they sound. You can use your voice to help shape how we sound. If meetings aren't your thing, you can volunteer to be a DJ and use your voice in a different way. Get in touch with Matty or John in the office at 508-487-2619.
Poetry For The People 

Outermost Community Radio continues to be one of the leading supporters of the spoken and written word on Cape Cod. The Poets' Corner program has been airing for many years and is now hosted by the tenaciously talented Neil Silberblatt. You can hear The Poet's Corner on selected Mondays at 12:30pm. Our commitment to the poetry community is also entrenched in the Joe Gouveia Outermost Poetry Contest. Top prize is $1000 with an additional $300 going to the best Cape Cod-based poet. The entry fee is a modest $15 and entitles people to submit up to 5 poems. Get the full details by clicking the link below.

On The Air

No major changes to the broadcast schedule this month, but we do have a couple new DJs taking to the airwaves for the first time as well as some old friends returning after a long absence. Speaking of old friends, it was great to have Cap'n Frank sitting in for Hilary over the last 3 Friday mornings. Hilary should be back in the saddle this Friday from 9:30am to 12:30pm. On Saturday morning, new DJ Jim Pritchard will be sharing his love of newgrass from 10am to noon. If you like Vinegrass and Bradford Street Bluegrass, Jim's got some newgrass for you. On Tuesday the 12th, we've got new DJ Sean sitting in for Carol on the Roots 'N' Offshoots program from 9:30am to 12:30pm. Sean's got a wide range of musical tastes and has joined the station with his business Pop + Dutch.  Thanks, Sean! And welcome aboard!

Later in the month, we've got some old friends returning to the air. On Friday December 22 from 7-9pm Dave Alexander presents his show, Stuff, while on the following Friday December 29 from 7-9pm erstwhile DJs Mike Saari and Dave Cole return from exile to ignite another Music Explosion. The middle aged yoots of community radio ride again!
Feel The Spirit 

Naughty or nice, we're on your side.