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                    AirTime June 2017
Are your loins girded? Or are you looking longingly at your calendar waiting for the day you can jump in the car and head to the Cape? Perhaps you're one of those folks who can make hay out of the increased traffic of high season. Whatever the case may be, the hyperactivity of summer has returned to the weekends (with the weekdays sure to follow suit), even if the weather hasn't exactly played it's part yet. But hey, the official start of summer is still a couple of weeks away. Welcome to June in our little slice of paradise.

Get 'em While They're Hot

We're pleased to continue our partnership with the Academy of Performing Arts in Orleans and promote the talent of our area's youth at the same time. These cats have real chops, and they're on their way to becoming monsters. The ensemble includes Ben Andrade on drums, Ethan Zayatz on bass, Keb Jutchings-McMahon on guitar and Dylan Routhier on piano and flute. For this performance, they'll be joined by local diva (and we mean that in the best possible way) Chev Hardy. Dylan and Keb have also been playing together as part of the Cape Conservatory CJazz ensemble. The repertoire will include jazz, blues and funk, originals and covers. See them now so you can say you saw them when. 7pm Friday June 9 in Orleans.

Diana Fabbri 

Parting is such sweet sorrow. We'll surely miss Diana after her recent passing, but it's an opportunity to reflect on what a wonderful person she was and how much she did for others in the community, including the radio station. Diana Fabbri was the Operations Manager as we made the move from our old studio in a condominium on Center Street to our new space in the Schoolhouse. She helped guide us from being a rag tag group of fairly unruly individuals to our current status as (mostly) respectable citizens. Her radio show, Hearts of Pretzel, was marked by the spirit of playfulness and sense of adventure that is the signature of everything we do. In addition to her work with WOMR, many people knew her through her work with the Provincetown Council on Aging. Diana was a proper pillar of the community and she will be deeply missed.
Program Notes

There are a few changes to note on the broadcast calendar. BethO has picked the Low Tide Lounge and moved it to Tuesday afternoons from 1-4. In the process, the show has gone from bi-weekly to weekly. More Beth O for you and at a new time to boot. The space formerly occupied by the Lounge on alternating Wednesday mornings from 9:30am-12:30pm is now filled by Rhonda Litwinowich and her show, Help Me Rhonda. Rhonda had been on Sunday nights and is delighted to produce her show while the sun is shining. Help Me Rhonda features an eclectic mix of rock and pop, and invites listeners to take their turn at being the DJ by sending in their requests.

With the season upon us, the seasonal changes to our schedule are just about complete. Pandora Peoples presents Pandora's Jukebox on alternating Sunday afternoons from 1-4. Mere words cannot do justice to the magnificence of her mix of indie rock, post punk, global pop and hip hop. Pandora's next show pops up on June 18. Speaking of seasonal adjustments, Dennis Allee has returned like the swallows of Capistrano to his post on alternating Tuesday evenings from 5-8 with the Jazz Odyssey. Be there or lose your status as a hep cat.

See the broadcast schedule here

Live in Orleans! 

There's a new concert series in Orleans this summer being put together by Noelle Pina and our friends at the Orleans Chamber of Commerce. The shows will take place on 6 consecutive Tuesdays in July and August from 5-7pm at a variety of outdoor venues around town. The Chamber is looking for new and established bands to fill the bill. Interested artists are invited to submit samples of their work to Plans are also set for the 6th annual ClamBQ to take place on Saturday September 30 at Eldredge Park. We can't help but have better weather than we had last year, and you can bank on that.