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Rev It Up
March is the month when things progress from planning to production. Some of our wayward hosts come home to roost and we celebrate another anniversary on the air. March can also be a bit of a tease as we shake off the winter doldrums while summer's glory still hangs beyond the horizon. Stick with us and bathe in the warmth of community radio even if it's still a bit nippy outside.
Be Bold For Change

Join Outermost Community Radio in celebrating International Women's Day on Wednesday March 8. The fabulously amazing women of WOMR will take over the station for 24 hours of special programming highlighting  women's historical and ongoing contributions to the world. In addition to some great music shows hosted by current and former DJs, the day will feature an Irish sessiun recorded live, Lynda Shuster and Kim Moberg performing live in the studio as well as a variety of enlightening interview and spoken word programming. See the whole schedule here.

Program Notes 

The International Women's Day celebration will come with a touch of the bittersweet as it marks the final scheduled appearance for Canary Burton on our airwaves. Canary has hosted The Latest Score on Tuesday afternoons for more than a decade and has proudly represented what makes community radio so great. Not only has she brought attention to a broad spectrum of contemporary composers that would otherwise be unknown to most of our listeners, she has infused her shows with a sense of humor typified by the "Dump Day" episodes where she would play her recent acquisitions from the local swap shop. We are accepting proposals for Tuesdays from 1-4pm.

Programs come and go like the tides, only less predictable. As we bid adieu to Canary, we welcome Janice Murphy to her new time slot on the 2nd and 4th Saturdays of each month from 9 to midnight. Janice's show "This Time Around" will present music from the great American songbook by such artists as Linda Eder, Marilyn Maye and Michael Ball. Janice is thrilled to settle into a regular spot on the schedule after many years of being a guest host.

As we await the return of even more of our DJs, we are thrilled to have a couple of our number back on the air after unplanned absences. You can once again hear Bernie Hutchens playing his brand of jazz on alternate Tuesdays from 5-8pm (next up on 3/14), and Neil Silberblatt is back to his old ways of cavorting with local poets a couple of Mondays each month at 12:30 (next show on 3/13 features Joe Gouveia Outermost Poetry Contest winner Carrie Koscher).

In other talk show news, you can hear Gene Petraglia chat with Cape Codder sports editor Matt Rice about scholastic sports this Sunday 3/5 at noon while Ira Wood talks about LGBT civil rights in the reign of Trump with attorney Janson Wu on The Lowdown Tuesday 3/7 at 12:30. The following week Ira speaks about The Blood Of Emmett Till with best-selling author Timothy Tyson. The March 8 Women's Day edition of This Place Matters with Susan Lindquist will highlight the Meet Your Local Farmers event with Betsy Osman of E&T Farms. On the 15th Susan will get an update from members of the Brewster Ponds Coalition. Women's Day will also include Pandora Peoples' conversation with her guests about earth-centered education, and that conversation will continue on Thursday morning during the regularly scheduled edition of Healing Wisdom. The week of local chat shows will conclude on Friday morning when The Dune Tramp welcomes local piano impresario John Thomas to the studio to discuss his upcoming season of activities. Of course you can always hear our summary of the week in local headlines on Outer Cape News Fridays at 12:30 and stay on top of the national and international news with the never-fake Democracy Now! each weekday at 4pm.

See the full schedule listings here
All Work And No Play......

....isn't really how we roll on Cape Cod. You can verify that for yourself on Sunday March 19 as we have a proper throw down to celebrate 35 years of broadcast excellence at the Elks' Lodge in Eastham with The Rip It Ups. If you're thinking that it hasn't always been exactly excellent, then we invite you to reconsider how you've been using that word. Semantics aside, it'll be a ton of fun with munchies and a silent auction to help raise some dosh for the cause. The party gets off the ground at 5, and you'll want to get there early to hit the buffet and soak up all the good vibes.

Star Turns

There are several more opportunities for bonding with us in the month of March. Marge Piercy and the honorees of the Joe Gouveia Outermost Poetry Contest will read their work at a free event at Wellfleet Preservation Hall on Thursday March 23. The contest has been a great vehicle to bring attention to the work of local and regional poets and to raise a little cash for the station. You know we're serious about raising money when we turn to the poets for help.

You'll get another chance to see the feature-length documentary film about the station from Parallax Productions on Thursday March 30 at the Cultural Center of Cape Cod in South Yarmouth. Director Alan Chebot will be there to answer your questions, so feel free to pepper him with any complaints you may have. In all seriousness, Alan has been a great supporter of the station throughout the process and we're grateful for the work done by him and his outstanding crew.

Brad Moore's off-season movie series continues on Thursdays at 7:30 at the Schoolhouse culminating with the Lon Chaney Birthday Bash on the 30th. The final night of the series will feature Fred Magee on piano accompanying a couple of Lon Chaney films with hors d'oeuvres and a champagne toast.

That's it for now. Call us any time. We're here for you.